Domoto Tsuyoshi

堂本 剛

también conocido como:   Tsuyoshi Domoto   Tsuyoshi
major - Activo (2002 - )
One half of the popular Johnny’s Entertainment duo KinKi Kids, Domoto Tsuyoshi is also a successful solo artist. Notable for his emotional voice and offbeat sense of humour, Tsuyoshi’s solo work is artistic and daring, pulling away from the typical “idol” sound. He experiments with many genres, but the majority of his songs can be described as pop-rock, interspersed with hints of jazz, blues and funk.

Tsuyoshi also takes a very active role in the lyrics, composition and visual presentation of his work, which gives his music a powerful, heartfelt atmosphere. His ballads, in particular, can be deeply moving. Furthermore, like other Johnny’s artists, Tsuyoshi is not only active as a musician, but as an actor, dancer and television host, giving his fans several opportunities to enjoy his quirky style and diverse talents.
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