major - Activo (2006 - )
The four girls of SCANDAL create an unrefined sound composed of guitar, bass and drums, yet they are gifted with a unique sense of pop culture with no restrictions or limitations, and pure energy. The harmony of incomparable appearances of four individuals comes to the peak at their live performances.

One of SCANDAL's biggest advantages is the fact that not only can the band’s leader, HARUNA, sing very well, the other three members can as well. Also, as they are down-to-earth high school girls they are able to create lyrics that resonate true with today's youth. Thanks to this, this quartet from Osaka is set to take the world by storm.
  • Cantante, Guitarra: HARUNA
  • Bajo, Cantante: TOMOMI
  • Guitarra, Cantante: MAMI
  • Batería, Cantante: RINA
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