indies - Disuelta (2007 - 2010)
A young oshare band, Canzel's music was as colorful and sparkly as their visual style and invited fans into a twinkling world that hinted at beauty beyond this reality. Full of optimistic energy, their mostly upbeat compositions were not just playful and fun, but also impactful, with piercing melodies and absorbing rhythms.

With a specific and striking charisma and a line-up whose technical skills were immediately apparent, Canzel was a valuable addition to the visual kei scene. Unfortunately, they disbanded in 2010, but three of the members later went on to form UNiTE, keeping some of Canzel's spirit alive.
  • Cantante: Icchi [2007 / 2010 - Abandonó]
  • Guitarra: Shiina Mio [2007 / 2010 - Abandonó]
  • Guitarra: Ruli [2007 / 2010 - Abandonó]
  • Bajo: Haku [2007 / 2010 - Abandonó]
  • Batería: Yukimi [2007 / 2010 - Abandonó]
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