indies - aktiv (2010 - )
A visual kei band formed in 2010 by ex-LOKI member Yui, umbrella's name derives from the members' desire for their music to act as an umbrella over the hearts of fans, sheltering them from the “rain” of negative emotions. While their music can be quite intense and energetic at times, it always retains a hint of tenderness or melancholy.

umbrella were signed to Starwave Records for a few years, which gave them the opportunity to perform in Canada in 2013. They left the label later that year, but they are continuing to work hard to reach more fans both in their home country and overseas.
line up
  • Bass: Hal
  • Gitarre: Syu
  • Gesang, Gitarre: Yui
  • Schlagzeug: Sho
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