major - aktiv (2009 - )
Formed in 2009, OLDCODEX is a unique duo consisting of vocalist Ta_2 (aka voice actor Tatsuhisa Suzuki) and YORKE., a painter. When the band performs, Ta_2 belts out the lyrics with conviction, while YORKE. works the crowd and makes improvised paintings to the music, creating an engaging mix of audio and visuals that has wowed fans both in Japan and overseas. Ta_2 also composes much of the band’s music, while YORKE. pens the lyrics.

The band’s sound mixes heavy rock together with pop and dance elements, giving their songs an edgy, yet accessible appeal that has been a great match for many different anime series. Fans might recognise their music from popular shows such as “Kuroko’s Basketball”, “Free!” and “GOD EATER”.
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