Interview with D'espairsRay

interview - 03.12.2004 23:00

We had an interview with the four members of D'espairsRay just before their very first concert in France.

On Sunday, October 31st we arrive at the Nouveau Casino at 2pm, where fans are already waiting since the morning. While we wait, shows Karyu, the guitarist, first the top of his hat of grey fur. Soon the hats of the other band members are also visible.
Like at every great concert, they're late. We wait for our turn for the interview. The seats are free and we sit down in front of the four young musicians. After a short introduction about JmusicEuropa, the interview starts.

First we would like to know how you have met each other?
Karyu: What? (Laughs) (A moment of hesitation, Hizumi and Karyu look at each other). We have met in high school.
Your previous band was a more pop rock, why did you choose for the visual style?
(Suddenly there is lots of noise, the sound engineer does some sound check for the concert, we can't hear each other...)

It’s impossible to stop the checks, so we try to find a solution... The café is crowded with fans and it’s impossible to quietly talk there. We think about meeting each other the next day, but why should we postpone what we have started today? Their producer asks if we're okay with doing the interview in the hall, next to the desk. And why not!

We are sitting in a circle: Zero and Tsukasa seem to doze off a little, Hizumi and Karyu are still awake.
Where did we stop? How did you start in visual kei?
Karyu: We liked to do make up, our looks is a way to express ourselves.
Which Visual kei bands have an influence on you?
Karyu: (Long moment of hesitation) visual kei bands not only influence us.

How would you describe the musical style of the band?
(A long moment of hesitation and reflection, Hizumi and Karyu look at each other).
Hizumi: DéspairsRay.

How did the collaboration with Sugizo for the song Marry of the blood go?
Karyu: We were looking for someone to play violin, and we thought of Sugizo (laughs). And he showed us how we could use the sound of the violin in the song.

We notice a small change since Gärnet and especially on Gemini with a very present synthesizer...
Hizumi: We have always used a synthesizer, but now we use it more and in a very different way.

Last night you've played in Berlin, how did it go?
Karyu: It was amazing!
There appeared to be a lot of movement...
Karyu: Yes, yes it was pretty violent!

How are the songs created?
Karyu: Together with him (points at Tsukasa), I create the pieces and we arrange everything.
(Tsukasa appears to be the leader)
And the lyrics, how are they created? Where does the inspiration come from?
Karyu: It's Hizumi who takes care of that.
Hizumi: Those are written in harmony with the music, it calls up an image after which I write the lyrics.

Why these concerts in Europe? What do they mean for you as artists?
Karyu: That our music is listened to outside Japan and it really is a dream to come here.

A message to your fans.
Hizumi: We will release an album, spring next year, I hope you will like it.
Karyu: I hope we will come back again.
Zero: ...(thinking)... ask him (looks at Tsukasa).
Tsukasa: Even if our cultures are different, it's good that the music is appreciated in the same way and that people think that DéspairsRay is a good band.
Zero: At the moment we don't have any concerts planned outside Japan, I would like it to come back in Germany, or in other countries that would like it if we came back to play concerts.

Thank you for answering our questions and we wish you good luck with the concert in France!
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