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Nookicky was formed in 2001, shortly following the disbandment of Guniw Tools in December of 2000. Though is started as FULL's solo project, he soon formed a team with his friend Dinah, whose official position in the band was that of a dancer, though he later took to playing bass and flute. The band's name comes from the words "nook", as in corner, and "kicky", which, according to FULL, means excited.

A few months later, the band recruited ZULL, who FULL had known for merely a month, as guitarist. During Nookicky's initial period, they released a few mini-albums, Cloudy Pop Book, Rigid Ink Pool and, in 2002, Koochachu.

However, following the release of their first album, One Aging by Nook, in 2003, ZULL decided to leave the band, U replacing him in the spring of that year. During that time, the band was also joined by support bassist Fu~mii.

Keeping a full release schedule, another album, Pinhole, came out only months after their previous album, and a new single, Rotepin by the middle of 2004. Both releases sounded different from the band's former work, lighter, more varied and now supported by stronger bass and guitar sounds, though the Tibetan and Indian influences were still apparent.

At the beginning of 2005, Dinah left to focus on a solo career and, because Fu~mii only acted as a support member, the band existed as a two person unit after that.

Considered Nookicky's dreamiest album, Noon Moon was released in July 2005 before FULL announced that the band would go on hiatus following their December tour.

The band is still considered to be on hiatus while FULL keeps busy with a new project, SHILFEE AND TULIPCOROBOCKLES, along with various other creative ventures, such as jewelry making. U has been occupied with a project called Kahrn, while Dinah underwent a sex change and was involved with Sound Dope, though it is unknown whether she is still in the music business today. After ZULL left, he joined Monaural Curve and later The Candy Spooky Theater.

Even though Nookicky took chances, performing outside of Japan in places like Hong Kong, Tibet, Nepal and New York, it is questionable whether they will ever reunite, as FULL, as with Guniw Tools, seems to have made a habit of putting projects on hold never to revive them. However, should the band never make a comeback, Nookicky left listeners with a wonderful array of creative and magical music to enjoy for a long time.
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