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The story of UNISON SQUARE GARDEN began in April 2004 when vocalist and guitarist Saito Kosuke asked his high-school friend, bassist Tabuchi Tomoya, to join him in forming a band. Soon after, in July, they invited drummer Suzuki Takao to follow them in this adventure. Barely four months had passed when UNISON SQUARE GARDEN started their live activity.

After a year of playing lives, they released their first demo, Ryuusei Kouro. This was followed by their participation in the event Hakoniwa Nostalgia and the release of their second demo, Sentimental Period. As their presence started to become more well-known, they were picked up and their first mini-album Shinsekai note soon followed, coming out in August 2006.

The year 2007 saw UNISON SQUARE GARDEN’s first sold out lives. They also participated in the event HIGHLINE RECORDS 10th anniversary, which featured major acts such as BUMP OF CHICKEN, POLYSICS and hare-brained unity. This successful year came to a close with another important event in their career, their first one-man live that took place on December 13th at Shimokitazawa Club Que.

The new year brought simultaneously the re-release of Shinsekai note and the release of their second mini-album Ryuusei Zenya on January 16th. In March, they cemented their place in the indie music scene when they took part in the event LIVE SUPERNOVA FESTIVAL with ACIDMAN, 9mm Parabellum Bullet, The Birthday, DOPING PANDA and NICO Touches the Walls. While they were touring, the band caught the eye of the label TOY’S FACTORY and they made their major debut in July with the re-release of their demo single Sentimental Period.

The year 2009 began with the release of their second maxi-single, Master Volume, and the limited single MR. Andy-party style- in January and March respectively. Finally, on April 15th, their first-full album UNISON SQUARE GARDEN came out. The year ended with a performance at the Inazuma Rock Festival as well as the announcement of a new maxi-single called cody beats for 2010.

Only two months after their third maxi-single, the band released a new full-album entitled JET CO., followed by an intense tour schedule ending with a sold out concert at Shibuya-AX in June. The summer brought a follow up with collaboration lives throughout Japan.

On November 24th, during their meet the autumn tour 2010, the new single Scarsdale went on sale, much to the joy of their fans. This was UNISON SQUARE GARDEN’s last release of the year, which ended with a live on New Year’s Eve.

2011 began with a handful of lives and May 11th saw the release of their fourth maxi-single Orion wo nazoru, whose title-track was used for the anime series “TIGER & BUNNY." Currently, UNISON SQUARE GARDEN is expected to release a new album titled Populus Populus on July 6th, ready to set the summer on fire with their explosive music!
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