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Marusa was formed around mid-2004 by Kei (ex. Kamaseinu), Kouhei and Ryuuji (both ex. Sinkro). They played their first live on August 23rd in Kawasaki Club Citta, which was followed by five more gigs in venues including Shibuya O-west and Meguro rock-may-can.

In September, they released their first CD titled shochousaku and in the same month Marusa joined forces with Kamikaze Boyz in a project under the name of KURESTO bakuha chokuzen. On the 25th both of these bands performed together with Soroban, Gimikku and 12012 in Shibuya o-crest. A combined record of Marusa and Kamikaze Boyz was given away for free during that live and a song from that CD was also featured on Shock Edge 2004 the following month.

In October and November the band played six more gigs, and on November 3rd they released their first maxi-single titled ketsuin choubo. The record was limited to 1000 copies and debuted at the eleventh place on the Oricon indies charts! Soon afterwards, Natsuka officially joined the group as the band's drummer.

At the beginning of 2005, Marusa released a new version of their first maxi, ketsuin choubo ~kanzenban~, which contains three additional tracks. The following months were quite busy for these boys. In March, they played seven gigs in various towns and on April 3rd witnessed the release of their second maxi-single, Kareta kirei na hana. In the same month Marusa also teamed up with girugamesh and on the 15th they played a two-man live at Takadanobaba AREA; a coupling CD with a track by each band was released five days later.

The guys did not intend to rest and at the beginning of July they released another single. August witnessed the release of their first ever full album. Daitokushuu was a best-of record containing twelve previously released tracks and only one new song. Unfortunately, it soon turned out it was their last release ever; at the beginning of September the members announced Marusa would disband within a month. Their first and, at the same time, last one-man live scheduled initially for November 3rd was postponed due to Kouhei's injuries in a road accident.

In the end, Marusa disbanded over seven months after it was initially planned. Their last show took place on June 13, 2006 in Ikebukuro Cyber.

Vocalist Kei went on to join the newly formed Viored. Sadly, this band didn't pass the test of time neither, as little over a year after its debut Kei suddenly left and the band decided to split up. Drummer Natsuka played support for TAKERU SOLDIERS, and the remaining two members seem to have disappeared from the music scene.
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