SEX MACHINEGUNS Live at the Kanazawa Eight Hall

live report - 11.07.2006 22:00

Live report of the SEX MACHINEGUNS in Japan.

Sex Machineguns live report in Kanazawa Eight Hall (3/8/2006)

On a sunny day in March, the Sex Machineguns came to Kanazawa. The day before the live, they were appeared on a radio program, and I was happy to be able to hear a couple of them on my radio at home. Anchang spoke calmly, as the strict but warm leader of the band; Kenjilaw, in addition to his sophisticated character seemed to be even tougher than ever, adding wit to Anchang's sharp talk. I was wondering about two other members; the quiet and artistic Panther, and natural and funny Sypan. Where were they, and what were they doing during the radio broadcast?

On a cold weekday evening, I went to Eight Hall against the flow of office workers who were on their way back home. Neon lights began to glow, and there were women with showy makeup wearing miniskirts that were too short, as well as men wearing black suits on the busy streets. Kourinbou transformed into night-mode. I went up the stairs to the convenience store and entered the live house, where many fans were gathering already. Live goods such as tour pamphlets and wrist bands were sold in the shop counter near the entrance. The DVD single and album [MADE IN USA] as well as a documentary of their Nashville recording that was released at this live, [LIVING IN USA] were available at the back desk. In the live house, cheerful girls were wearing T-shirts or tank tops, and there were a significant number of males in the audience. I was impressed when Anchang asked during the live, "Is there anyone who plays in a band here?" and many male audience members raised their hands. I felt that the answer to this question really proved the band's exceptional ability.

When the lights dimmed and the Sex Machineguns's theme song began, the audience raised their fists and cheered all at once. The band, wearing their heavy outfits lined with studs and chains, appeared onstage. Kenjilaw, with black make-up around his eyes, stood with long blond hair and wore a flak jacket. Panther wore glitter make-up and had pink-dyed curly hair. He also wore a sexy, wide-open leather outfit with chains. Sypan had long black hair and wore thin, fine plaits. Anchang wore a black leather outfit lined with studs; his light make-up made his eyes seem cool, and his long, straight black hair was smooth and silky.

So began the roar of their performance. Heavy metal rock is usually loud and fast, and believe me, Sex Machineguns very well lived up to this image. Sypan kicked at his bass drums fast and hard. Kenjilaw finger-picked at his bass and sang chorus deftly. Panther excited the audience by executing his technique with a brilliant performance. In the center, Anchang sent out an overwhelming aura, furiously playing guitar and singing with his wide and high-pitched voice. It was so powerful to see these three playing and headbanging all in a row onstage that I was speechless.

They played the new song "Saboten brothers" and the racy "Densetsu no Catch Ball". After MC, heavy and hard songs "JAPAN", "Touchan", and "Midori no Obachan" followed. In addition to their own style of unique lyrics set to loud heavy metal and headbanging choreography, there also were funny impronptu moments by the MC between songs, portraying an entertainment show sensation.

During "HEAVYMETAL THUNDER" and "Aijin 28", Panther and Anchang played guitar solos, and the audience shook their heads in unison. The heavy, low sound reverberated through the floor of the live house, paralyzing our auditory senses. Masses of people on the floor smelled like sweat and body odor, and the headbanging crowd stirred up a damp and hot wind.

During the dramatic song "Suspense Gekijou", Anchang changed his voice for every character, singing with a well-spread, high-pitched voice. And in the quiet ballad, "Soko ni anata ga", he made us turn while listening to his song and performance. After Panther's guitar solo and an MC, the later half of the live began with the new song, "JUNK FOOD". Hard and heavy songs such as "Humidai Shoukou Undou", "Tabe-tai, Name-tai, Kiken-chitai", "Sakusa-jima", and "BURN" were racily performed and took our breath away.

Then, the show ended, and the members left the stage. Shortly afterward, the audience called the band, "Sex Machineguns!" all at once. The members, wearing T-shirts, returned to the stage and played the new ballad song, "Reach for the sky". One can hear the result of their experience recording in the U.S.A through this massive song. Their new songs reached a depth never touched upon before and brought a new appeal to Sex Machineguns.

In this world filled with a variety of music, heavy metal is quite esoteric; despite this, Sex Machineguns is a really popular band. I remembered Anchang's words in a JaME interview, "I can't find out any meaning if we don't play heavy metal!" I'm simply happy as a rock fan to see their continuous efforts and visible results. Anchang, with his streaming long black hair, shouting, playing the guitar, being all smiles, sometimes poking his tongue out, was so manly and sexy. I believe many ‘Machingers’ will keep loving Anchang, who watches members and fans severely yet warmly, and will follow Sex Machineguns everlastingly.

Set list:
Saboten Brothers(=cactus brothers)
Densetsu no Catch Ball(=legend of catch ball)
4. Touchan(=Daddy)
5. Midori no Obachan
Aijin28(= lover 28)
Suspense Gekijou(=Suspense drama)
Soko ni Anaka ga(=You are here)
C.V.P solo
Fumidai Shoukou Undou
Tabe-tai, Name-tai, Kiken-chitai

EN1. Reach For The Sky
EN2. Katare, Namida
EN3. Famiresu Bomber (=Family restaurant bomber)
EN4. Mikan no Uta (=song of mandarin)
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