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Although the Nagoya-born Junji is mostly known as a bassist, he started his music career as a guitarist. He became a member of the band Ad de vidar alongside Rika (former Rouage, Dibs) in 1992. He remained the guitarist of the band until they disbanded in 1994 and then he joined Laputa. After Kouichi entered Laputa as well, he took over the role of bassist, leaving the position of guitarist to Kouichi, and he also composed some songs for the band. The successful Laputa came to an end and they separated in 2004. Most of the members started solo-careers, and that's exactly what Junji did too.

In the beginning of 2005, he launched his official site and his fan club called NEW-HALATION. However, he remained silent for quite a long time although he announced he'd be releasing a single and an album in the summer. After these two releases, he also debuted on stage with two concerts in September.

Then, once again, everything turned silent around Junji and it was after almost a year that he announced the release of a new mini-album in summer of 2006. Though fans feared he would disappear again, this was fortunately not the case, and in November he released two DVDs. Early 2007 saw the release of another mini-album and Junji was occasionally seen performing live again, though his activities were infrequent.

In 2008, it seems that activities for HALATION were once again put on hold. Instead, in May 2009, Junji was part of the project STEALTH with TOKI from C4 and GLAY's Takuro. Shortly after in June, he joined TOKI's band C4 as their permanent bass player. Surprisingly, later that year HALATION made a come-back as in October Junji released the maxi-single Go into spark, which was followed by the album Human Again in November.

Since then, Junji seems to be focusing mostly on C4, but occasionally he will hold a rare solo performance as HALATION again. As Junji's solo-activities seem to be sudden and explosive, be sure to keep an eye on him in order not to miss anything from this talented artist.
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