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Wink debuted on August 27, 1988 with their single Sugar Baby love. The pop artists of the '80s and '90s were considered as the second wave of JPop and this was the period Wink dominated. The first album Moonlight Serenade was released in July of the same year, but their first hit single to top the charts was the Kylie Minogue cover Ai ga Tomaranai ~Turn It Into Love~, released on December 1st.

Wink started performing concerts in January 1990 with their tour called Shining Star, starting from Hokkaido Koseinenkin Hall; a live video and CD were published from this tour.

Their popularity grew fast and the first single collection Wink Hot Singles was already released in 1991. They held on to their style right from the beginning: dressing up in fashionable outfits, often both similar to each other. The ladies posed in studio portraits with a finished touch and smiled often, which differed from many other idols. Both developed in singing as their career progressed and little by little the songs appeared more and more Japanese-made instead of covers. However, the quality of the songs remained high and they continued having hit after hit. The singles were often something to dance to, but the albums had space for beautiful ballads, too.

In 1992 the singers both released their own solo album. Sachiko's CD's name was mode and Shoko's was Delphinium. The rest of the musical solo stuff had to wait for the rest of Wink's time, though as idols tend to do, also they appeared in TV, radio and commercials, both together and alone.

Another concert video was released on September 26th, which with the studio live release of the year 1993 remained as the last released live materials.

In 1995 the story was near its eventual end when the c/w collection, Back to front was released on February 25th. It was also during this period to catch Wink in concert for the last time.

The two-CD best-of collection WINK MEMORIES 1988-1996 ended their long career at the end of March 1996. Their fan club closed the following year.

Even though Wink had disbanded for three years, they released another collection in 1999 and 2000: Treasure Collection - Wink Best (best-of collection) and Para Para WINK! (a remix collection). Once again, fans were happy as the duo's videos were re-released in DVD-format in 2003-2004.

Both members of the duet have worked with music and entertainment industry even after Wink disbanded.

At the end of 2007, Polystar announced that they would release two box sets in celebration of Wink's 20th anniversary. One will contain their single releases in the modern 12 cm format and the second their albums, including various remixes, karaoke versions plus unreleased material.

It seems that even though this group had disbanded over ten years ago, they still are pleasing their fans.
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