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interview - 15.09.2006 22:00

Interview with the three members of ANIMETAL, one day before their first overseas performance in Paris.

Last weekend in Paris, a very special event took place. An event which was interesting for both anime and metal fans. Animetal, the group famous for their great metal covers of various anime songs, performed at the “Nouveau Casino”, a small live hall in Central Paris.

Animetal does not just impress with their concept of metal – anime songs, they also have a first-class line up: Masaki (Canta) on bass, Syu (Galneryus, Aushvitz) on guitar and Eizo (Anthem) on vocals.

JaME had the opportunity (with a delay of one and a half hour, thanks to PVP) to interview the three members together with two co-workers from

After a short introduction about our websites, the interview started:

First of all: why “Animetal”?
Eizo: The idea actually came from our producers, who wanted to combine “Anime” and “Metal”. Then he looked for musicians who were talented enough for this project and that’s how we’re playing in Animetal now.
Masaki: He wanted to start something cool, but the quality also had to be good.

But you are very cool indeed! Something that surprised the fans, was that you took a break. What was the reason for this?
Eizo: Animetal is first of all, a side-project and we all have other projects to work on as well. We simply needed some time to concentrate on our own bands. For a long time, we have given concert after concert, performed on television and so on. We simply needed a break.

If I understand correctly, the concert tomorrow will be filmed. A lot of people would like to know if the DVD will be a Japan only release, or will there be an European version as well, with bonus material of footage of the autograph session for example.
Masaki: Officially, the DVD is only meant to be released in Japan. But, if the audience gives good feedback at the concert, it may be possible that the DVD will also be available in Europe. However at the moment the release is planned only for Japan.

Eizo and Masaki, how did meet Syu and how did he become a part of the band? (note: before their break, She-ja was Animetal’s guitarist, Syu joined after he left the band)
Masaki: Actually it was our producer that introduced Syu to us. He told us “Play with him and you will see that he’s really great!” So we rehearsed together and the chemistry was right from the beginning. Also, Syu is rather good looking and if that would attract more girls like this, then it can only be good! (laughs)

At the moment there is no official drummer in your line-up. Do you intend to officially recruit a drummer, or will the position remain free for a while?
Eizo: It’s very tough to play marathons like ours night after night. That’s why we prefer to have two drummers with us, who will switch during tours.
Masaki: Also, when travelling in taxis there is only enough space for the driver, the manager… and three more people… (laughs)

With your third Marathon, you invited Marty Friedman (the guitarist of Megadeth) to play with you. Why didn’t you work with other guest musicians on the Marathons after that?
Masaki: He had some time on that occasion, so we asked him if he would like to play with us. It was a very interesting and nice experience, but we don’t know if we will do it again.

Your first albums are all of the same length (49:19:05). Is there some special meaning about this particular number?
Eizo: In the beginning, we didn’t have it planned. We had forty songs as a sort of medley for the first album and wanted to choose a steady length. So we said “Why don’t we give the album the same length as a real marathon?”
Masaki: It’s also a rather weird characteristic. We are a metal band that remakes anime openings and releases albums with a length of 49 minutes and 19 seconds (laughs)

You’re celebrating your tenth year of existence now. What plans do you have for the next ten years? Do you want to organize a special event for your tenth anniversary?
Syu: We're already playing a concert in France.
Masaki: And we will release a "Best Of" album with songs chosen by Animetal fans.

What about the next Marathon?
Masaki: We will just release the "Best Of" album first and then we will perform a small tour. We’ll see next year.

You seem to be really close to your fans. What are the chances of performing for fans in other European countries?
Masaki: When the opportunity is there, we will be very happy! Syu is quite good at Cossack dancing (East European folk dance)! (laughs)
Aha! A hidden talent of yours, Syu?
Syu: Yeah (laughs)

You play metal versions of anime songs, so I would assume that you are fans of both. What are your favourite animes and your favourite bands?
Eizo: We like: Neon Genesis Evangelion, Lupin III alot, but if we have to choose only one, it’s Dragon Ball.
Masaki: At the moment I like Manigance, a French band
Eizo: I quite like The Rasmus and the 80’s band Rainbow.
Syu: I love Michael Schenker and his brother from the Scorpions. Also Muse is a band that I quite like.

Do you have a message for your fans?
Eizo: In general, we can’t sing the anime songs just like karaoke. But also when Animetal plays these songs in a heavy metal style, they are still the anime songs known by everybody, so don’t hesitate to sing along with us!

Lots of thanks to PVP, Yosh and Faye of Webotaku and of course Animetal!
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