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In 1993 SERPENT's story began with in drummer KEIJA's hands as a heavy metal band called Awaken. The name was changed within a year, yet the SERPENT didn't manage to find their true calling, leading to a disband in 2000.

A few years later KEIJA heard the songs of the Swedish melodic death metal legend In Flames and found a whole new inspiration for the upcoming style of SERPENT. The band was reassembled in 2002 and already the next year SERPENT presented the promising demo album Bloody Gates.

In 2004 the band Japan with the well-known American metal act The Black Dahlia Murder, which helped spread their music. Unfortunately guitarist AKI left SERPENT at the end of the year, a bit before the band starts recording the actual wide spread release album titled Cradle of Insanity. The album includes several songs from the original demo and was received well in the metal scene after the May 2005 release under the label Soundholic.

UNDER CODE, with the metal sublabel ROAD AWAKE, released an interesting metal omnibus called PLEASURE of DESTRUCTION in 2006, which stars VAGERKE, BLOOD STAIN CHILD, SERPENT, Oto-oni and a guest appearance by Phantasmagoria. Around the same time SERPENT took part in UNDER CODE's Nihon Seiatsu events, reaching new audiences. A digest of these lives were released in March 2007 under the name Bands Shock DVD Vol.4 Nihon Seiatsu Kanzenban.

Second full-length album xGODx was released in February 2008, after a devoted wait for new material. With their bottomless enthusiasm towards heavier music, SERPENT is bound to continue conquering metal markets in Asia and beyond.
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