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interview - 25.12.2016 01:46

Versailles chats with JaME about their rebirth, recent activities and upcoming European tour.

A month after their long-waited revival concert on August 7th this year, Versailles announced that they will be going on a seven-date European tour next year in January. JaME interviews the band about their rebirth, recent activities and upcoming European tour.

Hello Versailles! Congratulations on your revival. What made you decide to resume activities as a band?

KAMIJO: Because we found our clear target as a band.
MASASHI: All members found harmony with one another.
TERU: Through our separate activities, we could reaffirm the importance of Versailles.
HIZAKI: God decided it.
YUKI: The time has come.

What does the rebirth of Versailles mean to each one of you?

KAMIJO: For me, it’s a challenge. This band is very potent. Also it’s a band that can make us better.
MASASHI: It means for me to get a new dream.
TERU: We will catch the world!
HIZAKI: It’s my destiny.
YUKI: To make new history.

Have you faced any challenges working together again as Versailles after almost four years?

KAMIJO: The rebirth itself was not a challenge. For me, the challenge is always the one against myself.
MASASHI: To always go forward.

How has Versailles evolved musically compared to the past?

KAMIJO: Of course we improved technically, but the harmony became more beautiful as well.
MASASHI: We became better in all aspects.
TERU: We became able to make music beyond frontiers and genres.
HIZAKI: We basically make songs with classical bases, but I think that there are many different elements now.
YUKI: I think that all the knowledge we amassed affects our new songs.

What is the new direction for Versailles?

KAMIJO: The direction remains unchanged, but the depth of that is deeper than before.
MASASHI: Versailles’ direction hasn’t changed.
TERU: The level of our goal became higher.
HIZAKI: Our aim is now to go global.
YUKI: I don’t think that it changed but it became more stoical in every way.

You released a best-of album titled The Greatest Hits 2007-2016 on September 14th. How did you decide on the track list for the album?

KAMIJO: We agreed with the first suggestion.
MASASHI: It was decided quickly.
TERU: We all gathered together and had no objection to KAMIJO’s suggestion.

Both of your latest releases were best-of albums. Are you currently working on any new songs?

KAMIJO: We’re recording a wonderful album.
MASASHI: We’re preparing it right now.
TERU: it’s in progress. Please look forward to it.
HIZAKI: And I wish to release the next one too.
YUKI: I agree.

Recently, you performed at VISUAL JAPAN SUMMIT 2016. Please tell us about your experience at the event.

KAMIJO: It made me feel the need to spread more visual kei to the world. And I felt that it’s possible with Versailles.
MASASHI: It was a wonderful event. It made me want to send Versailles out more to the whole world.
TERU: There were many great bands and I got many good stimulations.
HIZAKI: I started wanting to spread our music more to the world.
YUKI: It was an honor to play with some of the bands I respect.

You will be going on a European tour titled VERSAILLES EUROPE TOUR 2017 "RENAISSANCE" early next year. Why did you choose Europe as your first overseas tour destination after your revival?

KAMIJO: Choosing Europe was natural for me because our very first overseas live was in Europe.
MASASHI: Maybe because of our thoughts about Europe.
TERU: Because I was really looking forward to see our European fans.
HIZAKI: Because our European fans kept showing their support.
YUKI: It seemed inevitable to me because our very first tour was in Europe.

What can fans expect from your European tour?

KAMIJO: You can hear our new songs and see the members’ smile on stage.
MASASHI: A stronger Versailles.
TERU: I wish to play and choose the songs you have always loved.
HIZAKI: A real visual live.
YUKI: A powered up Versailles.

Fans from North and South America are excited about your return. Do you have any plans to tour American territories after your European tour?

KAMIJO: Versailles holds concerts in whole world. We may have this kind of announcement in future.
MASASHI: I wish it’ll happen.
TERU: Yes, I want to.
HIZAKI: I don’t have many chances to go to America, so I wish that we can go someday.
YUKI: Of course I want to and I’m thinking how we can to do it.

You will be performing at the Nippon Budokan on February 14th next year. What are you planning for this concert?

KAMIJO: I want to hold this live to fulfill the wish that we always had since our formation.
MASASHI: I want to hold a live that is full of the ideals we actually have.
TERU: It’s not surprising to say that we will play our best but I want to impress you.
HIZAKI: I want to hold the biggest live for my life and for your life.
YUKI: It’s also the venue promised with Jasmine You, so it’s going to be the highlight of our band’s history.

You will be celebrating your 10th anniversary next year. Looking back, what were some of your best memories together as a band?

KAMIJO: I shampooed my hair in a parking lot during an old European tour (laughs).
MASASHI: When I joined the band.
TERU: The live at the castle in Orleans, France.
HIZAKI: The live at NHK hall before our hiatus.
YUKI: The very first live.

What are your hopes and wishes for the future?

KAMIJO: I wish to go on a world tour to so many countries that nobody can copy.
MASASHI: I would be glad for us to become a band that is loved much more in the whole world.
TERU: To be the most unique band ever.
HIZAKI: I want to play at an European festival.
YUKI: I want to play in countries that I’ve never been to.

To conclude our interview, please leave a message for JaME's readers.

KAMIJO: Thank you for reading this till the end. As you keep the faith in us, we will keep making your dreams come true. Please follow us!
MASASHI: Please keep supporting Versailles.
TERU: Versailles has been reborn. If you like something beautiful, I’m sure that you will like us. Please discover us.
HIZAKI: Thank you for your support. I’m looking forward to seeing you.
YUKI: Thank you for always supporting us! Let’s keep making history together.

JaME would like to thank B7Klan and Versailles for this interview opportunity.
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