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With a bit of impertinent dance and fancy fashion, that's Cheeky Parade.

The foundation of Cheeky Parade was announced in February 2012. With the exception of Kodakari Momoka, members were selected at the Avex Idol Audition 2010 in December 2009.

The new members included: Kodakari Momoka, the younger sister of the former NMB48 Team M member, Kodakari Yuka, and the sisters Suzuki Yuriya and Mariya, who in the meantime had been studying in the U.S. with Yamamoto Marin. Her common nickname is YuriMari.

At first their clothing and costumes were supplied by the famous fashion brand "JSG", but for their major debut in 2013 they wore their own original costumes.

On the Youtube channel of iDOL Street, they regularly reported about the life and daily activities of the group for the program "Chikipa Tsuushin".


On February 19, 2012 at the live iDOL Street Street-sei LIVE2012 ~Next Street~, the foundation of the group Cheeky Parade was announced after the preselection of 8 additional members who would be joining Kodakari Momoka. Their first indie single, Cheeky Dreamer, was released in April 2012 with approximately 5000 sales. These 5000 sales motivated further live events in 2012, following the major debut.

On September 22, 2012 the new logo of Cheeky Parade was announced during a live show. During the search for a mascot name, "Cheekiss (チィキス)" was ultimately decided upon, with the double meaning of "cheek" from "cheeky" (impertinent), and "ISS" like the space station. It could also be interpreted as "cheek" and "kiss", meaning "kiss on the cheek". Cheekiss was then established its own Twitter account.


On January 9, 2013 the major debut single, BUNBUN NINE9’, placed 4th place in the Oricon weekly charts. After additional events (e.g. together with 9nine), on April 10, 2013 the second single C.P.U!? was marketed, followed by Mugendai Shoujo ∀ on September 4, 2013. Between those releases, the iDOL Street Carnival 2013 was held in collaboration with the SUPER☆GiRLS. The first album from Cheeky Parade, released on November 27, 2013, was titled Cheeky Parade I.


On March 22, 2014 the members held their first individual live concert, the Cheeky Parade PREMIUM LIVE "THE FIRST" in Shinagawa Stellar Ball in Tokyo. The first tour started on April 5, 2014, called the NINE LIVES TOUR ~ROAD TO NY~. In June 2014, they appeared at the Kawaii Pop Fes in Hong Kong, together with many other popular idol groups. Additionally, on June 18, 2014, Cheeky Parade released a mini album titled Together.

On October 12, 2014, Cheeky Parade were the first and only Japanese guests at the American CBGB Music & Film Festival in New York. This performance was the highlight of their NINE LIVES TOUR ~ROAD TO NY~ tour.

Their first radio show, "Don ChikiPa!” started its broadcast in September 2014 in collaboration with the Don Quijote shops. Aside from that, Sekine Yuna was cast in a commercial for "Puccho" sweets. In order to promote a new tax exemption system for foreign people, a campaign was started in collaboration with the members of Cheeky Parade in October 2014.

At an iDOL Street sports festival that was held in November 2014, Cheeky Parade, along with other groups like SUPER☆GIRLS and GEM, participated in various sports competitions.


Like Shimura Rika from SUPER☆GIRLS and Kanazawa Yuki from GEM, Sekine Yuuna started appearing regularly in the show "Harajuku Base" on Chiba TV – a show about Harajuku fashion. Aside from that, the girls of Cheeky Parade also participated in a marketing campaign for the video game "Dragon Parade" by Sega, which is available for iOS and Android.

For the stage program "Chouzetsu☆Utagekidan 2015 ~Super World☆Returns~", held in Tokyo DDD Aoyama Cross Theater in February, twenty-one members from Cheeky Parade, SUPER☆GIRLS, and GEM, led by Mizorogi Seran, Watanabe Koume, and Murakami Rana, all participated.

In March 2015, some members participated at a special examen organised by iDOL Street. Sisters Suzuki Yuriya and Suzuki Mariya passed the test with 80 and 86 points, while Nizorogi Seran failed it with 76 points. The both won a commemorative badge and an invitation to a special event. Suzuki Yuriya loves pets, so she confessed that she owns 4 snakes.

During May and June there was a small tour for Cheeky Parade, followed by Kodakari Momoka appearing in a TV show. A short dance movie entitled "Honnoji no Hen", in which Watanabe Asami and Yamamoto Marin acted, was a hot topic of discussion across the internet.

In October 2015, Cheeky Parade performed at the Moshi Moshi Nippon Festival in Paris and at the Japan Expo 2015 in Los Angeles, USA. Along with those events, the members also acted in the dorama "Mutsu ~Mieru Me~".

In November 2015, some girls from Cheeky Parade, SUPER☆GIRLS, GEM, and Girls Street Audition were cast in the theater play titled "Za Hana Miyo Concerto". In December 2015, Sekine Yuuna, Suzuki Yuriya and Nizorogi Seran were featured as models in a campaign for Don Quijote’s cosplay collection, "Candy Parade", where they wore various Christmas costumes.


In January Yamamoto Marin and Suzuki Mariya announced that they would suspend their group activities with Cheeky Parade, in order to study in Los Angeles with Takeda Maaya from GEM. For now, these girls had their last appearance with the release of the single SKY GATE on February 24, 2016.

After some published photos where members wore chicken costumes, there was an in April Fool’s joke that the group would change their name to “Chicken Party”. In June, Suzuki Yuriya became new leader of the group after Sekine Yuuna departed.

In July of 2016, Cheeky Parade participated at the Japan Expo 2016 in Paris, France. In the same month, Yamamoto Marin and Suzuki Mariya began their hiatus while studying in Los Angeles, USA.

Without the participation of the two hiatus members, they released their single Hands Up! on September 7, 2016. In contrast to the rock style of music that was written and composed by Hige Driver, the members all wore cute pajamas.


Watanabe Asami performed in the new year's concert TOKYO IDOL PROJECT x @JAM New Year Premium Party 2017 on January 2, 2017. On February 19, 2017 the 5th anniversary live event of Cheeky Parade was held at TSUTAYA O-WEST in Tokyo.
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