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review - 04.05.2017 10:01

Taguchi Junnosuke brings his own blend of EDM to the dance floor.

Last November, Taguchi Junnosuke made his comeback as a singer by releasing HERO, a single that bagged first place on the Oricon Indie Singles Chart. Recently, he formed a partnership with UNIVERSAL MUSIC JAPAN and released his first major single, Connect, on April 5th. The single is titled “Connect” with the hope of “connecting with people” through him.

Opening track Connect is an EDM song that has a playful, refreshing feel to it. It begins with a soft, bouncy tune that builds up to an invigorating chorus that would galvanise even the most reserved of listeners into grooving along to the infectious beat. What makes Connect fun to listen to are the surprises that can be found in it — just when the listener thinks he or she knows how the song will pan out, it spices things up by dropping a new melody.

Up next is QI, another EDM song, but the twists and turns that characterised the previous track are absent in this straightforward piece. Although the sounds here aren't diverse like Connect's, QI could easily find its place as a staple at EDM festivals. The de-essing could probably be laid on a little more thickly for QI as the sibilant consonants may sound a tad bit too sharp for the most sensitive of listeners, but this minor kink shouldn't detract much from the enjoyment of the track.

The single wraps up with Connect (X-T REMIX) feat. DAZZ. While remixes sometimes butcher the original version of a song, there is no such issue with this particular one. Here, DAZZ puts a hip-hop spin on the original by contributing catchy rap vocals that alternate seamlessly with Taguchi Junnosuke's singing. Some heavier elements of dubstep are thrown into the mix, giving the song additional depth. Although the remix has a markedly different sound, it maintains the core elements and vibe of the original.

Connect is a pleasant ride overall that would appeal to fans of J-pop and EDM. If this single is a glimpse of what Taguchi Junnosuke can offer as a solo artist, fans can look forward to better music from him in the future.

The music video for Connect, which includes a dance section not found in the song on the CD, can be watched below:

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