ANiUTa LIVE 2017 ANiUPa!! at Yoyogi National Gymnasium 1st Gymnasium

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ALI PROJECT, Aqours, May'n, and Wake Up, Girls ! celebrated an epic launch of the first ever ANISONG subscription app in the world, ANiUTa, with more than 9,000 fans.

ANiUTa LIVE 2017 ANiUPa!! took place in Tokyo on May 13th in celebration of the launch of ANiUTa. ANiUTa is a new music subscription app specializing in ANISONGS, game music and vocaloid music. ANiUTa has more than 50,000 songs from various music labels and related companies for its listeners to enjoy exploring. You can find out more about the subscription on ANiUTa's website.

DJ WILDPARTY set the atmosphere by playing ANISONGS he selected from ANiUTa after the doors opened at 17:00. Fans chilled out as they waited for the start of the show at 18:00.

© ANiUTa LIVE 2017 ANiUPa!!

The audience all stood up with excitement when the first artist, May'n, was introduced. Her powerful high tones filled the venue as she sang the opening song, Kimi shinitamou koto nakare. May'n moved around the stage and stirred fans up to shout out in the midst of the hard rock number. Swaying with the backup dancers, May'n’s voice took fans even higher with next song ViViD.

“Your enthusiasm from DJ time made me really want more people to discover ANISONGS. This is the first ever ANiUPa!! and its future depends on us. Let’s make new history together!” the world-renowned ANISONG singer spoke to fans.

Later, May’n performed the exhilarating Belief. “I came across ANISONGS and became May’n nine years ago. It is miraculous to be able to encounter so many people through ANISONGS. I am grateful that ANiUTa gave me opportunities to meet with more people. This is the song that gave me such happiness for the first time, and made me who I am now. Here, I sing Diamond Crevasse,” May’n said, her voice seeming to embrace the audience and convey her wish to see her fans again. Blue lights from the fans' cyalume glow sticks filled the venue as they watched the singer and animation footage of "Macross Frontier" on the screen. “Thank you! Enjoy this day!” May’n thanked her fans.

© ANiUTa LIVE 2017 ANiUPa!!

The fans’ glow sticks turned to green when Wake Up, Girls ! entered the stage. Green lights painted the venue in the symbolic color of the seven-girl idol group’s hometown, Sendai city, Miyagi prefecture. The idol group consisted of voice actresses playing the roles of the main characters in "Wake Up, Girls !" and they charmed fans with their cute dance and lively voices. Fans shouted the members' names at top of their voices when each member sang in turns during 7 Girls War.

“KonbanWAG!” the members greeted fans after the song. “Are you ready to turn to ash!?” Yoshioka Mayu stirred fans up with her catchphrase. However, Wake Up, Girls ! also showed their serious side in Beyond the Bottom. Representing the story of the Tohoku idol group's difficult journey, each member moved fans with her emotional and sound vocals. Later, Wake Up, Girls ! attracted fans with Koi? de ai? de boukun desu!. The seven girls blew kisses from the stage during the theme song of "Renai boukun". Finally, Wake Up, Girls ! encouraged fans to dream on with the last song, Tachiagare!.

© ANiUTa LIVE 2017 ANiUPa!!

The show had a special section titled ANiUTa PREMIUM. During ANiUTa PREMIUM, the performing artists delighted fans with their covers of popular ANISONGS: Miiro by May’n, Miwakugeki by ALI PROJECT, and Youkoso japaripark he by Wake Up, Girls !. More amazement followed with the appearances of two secret guests. First, Tominaga TOMMY Hiroaki dominated the stage with his masculine vocals and professional wrestler-like look in his performance of JOJO –Sono chi no sadame-.

© ANiUTa LIVE 2017 ANiUPa!!

Finally, Kitadani Hiroshi sang his songs in popular animation series "ONE PIECE". The veteran singer embodied key values in ANISONGS during his passionate performance, such as boyhood dreams and friendship. Fans shouted the song title “We Go!” out loud at his call.

© ANiUTa LIVE 2017 ANiUPa!!

Later, ANiUTa’s hit chart video was shown on the screen. The fans’ cheers literally shook the venue when they saw Aqours, which is an idol group comprising the characters of "Love Live Sunshine!!", ranked at the top. Fans shouted each character’s name when she was introduced on the stage screen. Nine voice actresses dressed in the costumes of their respective characters got into formation for the opening song Aozora Jumping Heart. The characters on the screen and actresses on the stage sang and danced in sync with one another. This dream combination of animation and reality fueled the fans’ enthusiasm, and the colorful lights of glow sticks created a spectacular view in the venue.

Aqours continued to attract fans with their adorable dance routine in Kimi no kokoro wa kagayaiteirukai?. Aqours is also a cross-media idol group with a local tour tie-up of the characters’ home town, Numazu city, Shizuoka prefecture. Aqours’s following song Koi ni naritai AQUARIUM promoted one of the local attractions in Numazu city, the Awashima Marine Park. “Thank you everybody! Please continue to support ANiUTa!” Aqours bade farewell after the last song MIRAI TICKET.

© ANiUTa LIVE 2017 ANiUPa!!

ALI PROJECT appeared as the last artist. The unit of Takarano Arika and Katakura Mikiya, whose career exceeds 25 years, invited fans into the dark and fragile world of gothic lolita with Coppelia no hitsugi. Accompanied by the beautiful melody of the violin, Arika’s glamorous and transparent vocals gently entered fans’ hearts. Fans gazed at her as she gracefully swayed under the red pentagram stage light. Later, back up dancers in ball gowns joined the stage during Sei shoujo ryouiki. Arika’s voice waltzed with the danceable beat. The venue was painted in red by the lights of fans’ glow sticks. The musical presentation of the inviolable sanctuary of Eros and innocence continued in Ankoku tengoku. ALI PROJECT’s otherworldly show closed with the last song, Rara Eve Shinseiki.

Finally, all the artists came back on stage again and greeted fans. “Let’s increase more friends to enjoy ANISONGS together through ANiUTa!” May’n said. At May’n’s call, everyone in the venue shouted “ANiUPa!!” together as a closure to the successful show.

Later, an announcement video revealed a special collaboration project between May’n and Wake Up, Girls !, which is titled Wake Up, May'n!. Wake Up, May'n! will release a song only available thorough ANiUTa in the future.

Aqours, ALI PROJECT and Wake Up, Girls! will be performing at Anisong World Matsuri at Anime Expo 2017 on June 30th and July 1st in Los Angeles. You can find details of the event at

Set List

01. Kimi shinitamou koto nakare
02. ViViD
03. Northern Cross
04. Belief
05. Diamond Crevasse

Wake Up, Girls!
01. 7 Girls War
02. Shoujo koukyoukyoku
03. Beyond the Bottom
04. Koi? de ai? de boukun desu!
05. Tachiagare!

01. Miiro by May’n
02. Miwakugeki by ALI PROJECT
03. Youkoso japaripark he by Wake Up, Girls!
04. JOJO –Sono chi no sadame- by Tominaga TOMMY Hiroaki
05. We Go! by Kitadani Hiroshi
06. We Are! by Kitadani Hiroshi

01. Aozora Jumping Heart
02. Kimi no kokoro wa kagayaiteirukai?
03. Koi ni naritai AQUARIUM

01. Coppelia no hitsugi
02. Youkyou seishunka
03. Sei shoujo ryouiki
04. Ankoku tengoku
05. Rara Eve Shinseiki

The promotional video of ANiUTa can be watched on below:

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