Video Interview with Wa-Suta

interview - 18.07.2017 01:00

In a cute video interview, idol group Wa-Suta talks about their songs, concerts and more.

Formed in 2015, The World Standard, or Wa-Suta in short, is a five-member idol group signed to avex's iDOL Street label. Combining cute costumes, energetic dances and computer-generated imagery, the girls perform a wide variety of songs that range from the sweet to the weird.

Unlike most idol groups, Wa-Suta allows fans to take photographs and film videos during their concerts. These photographs and videos, when shared on social networking platforms by fans, help to spread the word about Wa-Suta far and wide.

Check out JaME's video interview with the idols in Japan:


Videographer and Video Editor - Krys Villaster
Production Assistant - Shichiri Kazuyo
Translator - Ariane

Watch the music video for Just be yourself (Smartphone Ver.) below:


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