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interview - 20.10.2017 11:01

Sharp compositions, like a razor.

RAZOR is a new visual kei band that's just over a year old, but you might recognize its members from other bands. For example, vocalist Ryoga was part of BORN and guitarist Tsurugi is from Sadie. In early November, RAZOR will go on a coupling tour in Asia with Affective Synergy. Following that, the band will put out a new mini-album.

Read on to find out what RAZOR has to say about their music, latest release, upcoming tour and more.

Editor's note: Answers reflect the band members' stylistic choices in writing.

How would you describe RAZOR's music to people who don't know the band?

Ryoga: “Our compositions are sharp, like a razor.”
Tsurugi: We are a band that has melodies that are both intense and beautiful.
Koryu: It’s a mix of an intense, emotional backsound, and a melody drifting in a delicate sorrow!! Depending on the composition, we make songs with variety of ranges!!
IZA: We have everything from songs with a bright and easy to listen to melody to furious compositions that shake your heart.
Tetsuya: We have intense songs and slow songs

It's been a year since RAZOR was formed. What are some of the highs and lows of your journey so far?

Ryoga: “Each member has made the best of the experiences they fostered in the past, and it feels like the infinite possibilities expand each day. To put it frankly, we are making music with extreme enjoyment and happiness.”
Tsurugi: We’ve passed our first tour and our second tour in the summer, and with that we’ve made many rich memories with ourselves and all of our fans that support us.
Koryu: Step by step, there are many feelings regarding the many things we’ve done in a year!! I’m anticipating our upcoming third one-man tour!!
IZA: Of course, the members’ individual personalities have begun to come out since the original formation, and I think that it’s become a relationship with mutual respect with increased strength of unity.
Tetsuya: I think it’s been a year of much learning along with doing RAZOR

Would you say that your image as a RAZOR band member is similar or dissimilar to your usual self off stage? What are the similarities or differences?

Ryoga: “I think our original nature comes out on stage.”
Tsurugi: Myself, on stage, is a condition specialized for RAZOR mode. When I’m offstage, my self does not particularly change. Normally I’m a bit of a careless person (Mr. Airhead).
Koryu: Nothing about my offensive attitude and feverish feelings changes!! There are a lot of ridiculous things I do that I don’t show on stage!! (laughs)
IZA: The me on stage is completely different from me at any other time. During shows, my personality becomes so aggressive that it even surprises me.
Tetsuya: I don’t think it changes, fundamentally

In August, you released a new single titled LIQUID VAIN. What is the title track about?

Ryoga: “The theme is dirty humans that live by parasitizing people, changing their appearance like liquid.”
Tsurugi: LIQUID VAIN is a song that has both intensity and beauty, showing RAZOR’s true value. The concept is “rage.” However, it also includes emotions that seem fleeting.
Tetsuya: The theme is rage and punishment, and the song is intense and melodious

Your new mini-album the CORE will be released on November 22nd. What is the concept of this mini-album?

Ryoga: “It’s been a year since RAZOR’s formation. Once again, I want to create our core.”
Tsurugi: It’s a challenge to the next era and the next generation. It’s a challenge over what placement RAZOR’s new sound will have in the world. Let’s put out the best sound.
Koryu: We’re compiling the parts of the CORE within each of us!! Our individual roots are different, RAZOR combines them together and the part that comprises the backbone of RAZOR is released into the world again!!
Tetsuya: The concept is showing you a deep part of all of us

Do you have any interesting stories to tell about the creation process of the CORE?

Ryoga: “This time it was composed by Tsurugi, but the way it’s sung in Tsurugi’s demo track influenced the recording. I realized my voice and Tsurugi’s voice are similar. The members were also surprised. It's the birth of a new Ryoga.”
Tsurugi: It’s always interesting to compose new songs. This is a bit different from what you’re asking, but music is justice.
Koryu: We had a lot!! (laughs)
IZA: The bassline of the demo of the song titled Kienai itami has a high level of difficulty to the point that I absolutely didn’t want to play it, but I dared to challenge myself to do it without thinking about having to perform it.
Testuya: I don’t have anything to add

You'll be performing in Taipei and Shanghai with Affective Synergy on November 3rd and 5th respectively. How did this coupling tour with Affective Synergy come about? Were you already acquainted with each other before this?

Ryoga: “We received this hot offer, so we immediately replied that we wanted to do it. I haven’t met Affective Synergy’s band members yet. Taking advantage of this coupling tour, I want to deepen our intimacy.”
Tsurugi: I don’t know them extensively. However, after researching some news and seeing their live in person, I'm very motivated to do this together!
Koryu: It’s fate!! Affective Synergy’s guitarist Lin has a similar upbringing history to myself, and he’s also a bilingual guitarist!! He's a comrade that was born and and raised in the same Shanghai as myself, and fights in the same scene!!
IZA: I’ve met Affective Synergy’s Lin many times but I’m very happy to be doing a coupling tour together this time.
Tetsuya: I’m putting my trust in our guitarist, Koryu. He is a reliable member.

What kind of shows can fans expect to see in Taipei and Shanghai? Are you planning anything special?

Ryoga: “When I was in BORN I went to Taiwan twice. At that time, we were able to put on a show that climaxed with wild enthusiasm, so I want to put on a show that is far beyond that. I’m looking forward to Shanghai, Koryu’s birthplace, because it’s a place I’ve longed to visit for a long time.”
Tsurugi: We can only show RAZOR as we are. I think that we can spend the best time together with everyone coming together in Taipei and Shanghai.
Koryu: This is the first step for RAZOR expanding overseas!! I know how passionate fans overseas are so I think they can expect a different scene from Japan!! First, maybe Ryoga will remember Chinese!!
IZA: This is my first time going overseas, personally, so I’m looking forward to it. However, I want to show RAZOR to my heart’s content, as usual.
Tetsuya: We haven't decided on anything in particular yet, but I think we want to do a show as we normally do. I want to do greetings in Chinese.

Your upcoming first anniversary one-man live is interestingly titled NEW ANSWER. Does it mean you had a change of answer to something? What is the significance of the title?

Ryoga: “It’s a fresh decision and answer from RAZOR, as we approach our second year.”
Tsurugi: One year has lapsed since our formation, and that answer is a revelation of our experiences since formation and we want you to see our decision as we go to the next phase. That’s the meaning for myself.
Koryu: It’s enthusiasm as we approach our second year!! It’s a NEW ANSWER that includes what kind of new things we can make, what barriers will await us, and our expectations for the unknown!!
IZA: We will show you all of the things we’ve cultivated in this one year, and it’s the enthusiasm with which we aim even higher following our second year.
Testuya: The answer has most certainly not changed. It’s the desire to put out on that day the things that we’ve absorbed as a band in this year.

What's next for RAZOR?

Ryoga: “On November 22nd we’re releasing our new album, the CORE. On November 30th, we have our one-year anniversary show at Shinjuku ReNY. Starting on December 7th, we have our third one-man tour. By all means, please come to see us in Japan.”
Tsurugi: While cherishing the things we’ve accumulated in this one year, we’ll reveal the new RAZOR and share even more emotions.
Koryu: Nothing but evolution!!
IZA: In November, we have our first year anniversary one-man and the release of our second mini-album. Beginning in December, we’ll hold a one-man tour to promote the mini-album, so definitely come hang out.
Tetsuya: We have shows and recordings

Please leave a message for JaME readers.

Ryoga: “We’ll do a world tour to show RAZOR’s big ambitions. From here on out, please don’t take your eyes off RAZOR. Thank you for reading; this has been Ryoga.”
Tsurugi: To everyone who loves RAZOR, we’d be grateful to receive your support from here on out for our music and existing reality, however possible. And, I wish happiness for all of these people.
Koryu: I think there are a lot of people who don’t know RAZOR yet, but we’ll continue on so that those people do!! So, please listen to our music and try experiencing RAZOR’s world!!
IZA: If you listen to RAZOR’s music and enjoy it, I’d like for you to come see our shows. We’ll also do our best to be able to go and meet our fans throughout the world.
Tetsuya: Thank you for reading

JaME would like to thank RAZOR, Chaotic Harmony and Lin Ming Production for this interview opportunity.
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