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NOISEMAKER’s new mini-album has a great combination of lyricism and melody-driven hybrid music.

Alternative rock band NOISEMAKER released a new mini-album titled RED APHELION on October 18th.

The six-track release begins with the song Change My Life. The track starts with narrators speaking different languages overlapping with one another, all saying that people have freedom to change their lives. The heavy guitar and drum introduction immediately grabs the listener’s attention. The hybrid rock song modulates back and forth from an aggressive, heavy sound to catchy, melodic parts in which the vocalist AG’s powerful high tone voice comes forward. The band builds momentum throughout the song, drawing the listener into the album.

The second track is the leading song from the release, SADVENTURES, which encourages listeners to overcome their mental barriers. The song has a "mixture rock" sound, combining hard rock and hip hop, and it is empowered by a provocative backing chorus that is sure to make the song a live anthem during their upcoming tour, which will be starting in November. Listeners will also enjoy AG’s rhythmic rapping, which is sometimes delivered with voice effects. You can watch the music video for the song below.

Synthesizer sounds and uplifting guitar riffs kick off the third song, Nothing to Lose. The catchiest pop rock number on the album, the song is sure to make fans want to jump around with the band. Listeners can also enjoy AG’s vocals in both Japanese and in English during the track.

Blasting band sounds and passionate vocals are in full swing in the fourth song, One Dream One Roof. At the same time, the song also poetically expresses the band members' strong bond and NOISEMAKER's raison d'etre. You can watch the music video for the song below.

The band continues to exhibit its hybrid, melody-driven musical style in the fifth song Something New. Finally, the last song Fork in the Road is an open invitation to freedom. The song's melodious chorus will definitely encourage fans to sing along.

Overall, RED APHELION is a very inclusive album. The band’s musical resourcefulness and thoughtful honesty create enough space for listeners of different tastes to fit in under “one roof and dream”.
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