TeddyLoid at Anime Expo's Neon District

live report - 26.11.2017 11:01

TeddyLoid gives the Neon District attendees a powerful shake up.

It was less than an hour to midnight, but there was no room for sleepiness with TeddyLoid's set coming up next. Based on the stage setup alone, it was clear that the Neon District was meant to present a visual feast as much as quality music. Multiple large LED panels formed the backdrop of the stage, and the DJ booth had one in front of it as well. A myriad of lights lined the stage and the ceiling of the room.

The attendees erupted in cheers when the DJ's name appeared on the main display screen. "Let's start the games," a gravelly male voice declared after briefly introducing TeddyLoid to the crowd in a dramatic fashion. As soon as TeddyLoid emerged from behind the booth to sing the opening lines of Game Changers from SILENT PLANET in his light, refreshing voice, many amongst the audience let loose delighted screams and whoops of joy. Once back behind the booth, TeddyLoid led the crowd in fist pumping and bouncing on their feet. No one could stay still amid the pulsating electronic beats and flashing lights.

A party wouldn't be much of a party without a fun, hands-on activity. As the last notes of a remix of Fly Away faded, colorful beach balls were released into the audience. Thrilled screams rose from the dance floor as fans reached out excitedly for a chance to bat the balls back and forth. A couple of balls landed on the floor beyond the safety barriers, but the staff quickly tossed them back into the crowd.

All eyes were on TeddyLoid as he dished out the haunting, sonorous intro of Theme for Scanty & Kneesocks from TV anime "Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt". Everyone stood still and listened in rapt attention, but this soon gave way to cheers and dancing as the song built up and burst into its catchy chorus and hard-hitting basslines.

Having collaborated with many artists throughout his career, it was only natural for TeddyLoid to feature guest musicians during his show. First up was banvox. The two DJs engaged in a fiery mashup battle of Daisuki, Daikirai and Occasion that was packed with dangerous drops and skillful scratching. Next up was Attack The Music's co-founder Corey who delivered some smooth rap as TeddyLoid manipulated the turntables.

The third guest for the night was singer-songwriter VOIA. Late last year, VOIA dropped an album titled futuresong that featured TeddyLoid on a track titled Null Zone. Of course, the song they performed together was that one. Compared to the studio version, the live performance was more impactful. VOIA's soothing vocals were the highlight; there was a warmth to his live singing that was lost on the studio recording.

At last, it was time for the climax of the show. TeddyLoid chose to end his set with the all-familiar Fly Away. Everyone in the room sang along to the hook of the song, throwing their fists up in the air and bopping their heads to the rhythm. Psychedelic swirls of color on the LED screens morphed into various interesting shapes, mesmerizing the audience. Near the end of the song, TeddyLoid hopped off the stage. He jogged up and down along the front row, trading palm smacks with fans.

"TeddyLoid! TeddyLoid! TeddyLoid!" the crowd chanted loudly in unison as soon as the music stopped. Much to the delight of a lucky corner section of fans at the front, the DJ did a little crowdsurfing before he went back up onto stage. Amid thunderous cheers, TeddyLoid said a big "Thank you!" to all attendees. With that, his performance concluded on a high note.
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