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A more "powered up" version of SILENT SIREN is coming your way!

All-female rock band SILENT SIREN comprises leader/drummer Hinanchu, vocalist/guitarist Suu, bassist Ainyan and keyboardist Yukarun. Recently, they completed the Asian leg of their SILENT SIREN WORLD TOUR 2017 “The New World”. The band will return to the USA next month for two shows in California. JaME interviews SILENT SIREN about their growth, latest releases and more.

How has your performance style evolved since the formation of your band?

Hinanchu: We’ve started to take interest in not only our individual parts, but the parts of the other members, too. The collaboration between the four of us has become stronger. Also, by listening to different genres of music, the list of things we want to do gets bigger every day. We're still expanding our style, looking for elements we can try in addition to rock and pop.

What kind of training would you like to undergo to challenge yourselves as musicians?

Ainyan: We work hard on the arrangements for each song, and we try to make our live performances different every time. We put in solo parts for every member, and when we do concerts abroad, we like to sing the lyrics in their language or switch it up a little to make every performance in a different country something really special.

Your song AKANE is the ending theme for MBS/TBS drama "FINAL FANTASY XIV Father of Light". What kind of thoughts and feelings did you put into this song?

Hinanchu: AKANE is based on the love between a parent and child. When we read the script for the TV series, we wanted to take the chance to fill the gap that started to grow between the parent and child as they grew older. We hope that this song could become a way for people who are too shy or embarrassed to tell the people they care about how they really feel.

Your latest single JUST MEET is about taking a chance at the right moment without holding back. Why do you think this theme is important?

Suu: I wrote JUST MEET while watching a high school baseball game. I love high school baseball and always wanted to write a song that captured the feeling I get when I watch it. The lyrics are pop, but the sound is very strong and a little manly, maybe? That contrast and catchy sound makes this a song that truly represents SILENT SIREN!

How does the food imagery in the music video for JUST MEET tie in with the theme of the song?

Yukarun: I think the part where we're all making cake for people we like — you can tell we're really having so much fun! We showed how we're making the cake and, while we're doing that, we're also getting mixed with all the whip cream and jam and being cooked as well. Maybe our feelings of wanting to be cooked by our boyfriends are showing in the song!

Your upcoming album is titled GIRLS POWER. Is there something you want to convey with this title?

Suu: If directly translated it would mean “Joshiryoku” (feminine ability), but we wanted to share our power with lots of people through this CD. What we can do now, the messages we want to tell everyone, everything is in this album — we’ d like for this to be a treasure that will give power to the people who listen to it.

Your world tour is titled SILENT SIREN WORLD TOUR 2017 "The New World". What kind of new world do you want to bring to your fans?

Ainyan: After the experiences of our last world tour, we want to show everyone a more "powered up" version of SILENT SIREN. We're planning on doing a show that we can only do in the US — it's going to be really special so we would love for everyone to come hang out with us!

You've performed in several countries now. Do you find that there is a particular song that goes over well overseas, or does it vary depending on the country?

Hinanchu: In Japan, the songs that are popular have a high tempo or have calls that fans can sing along to, but in other countries, our ballads or songs that have interesting music videos are more popular. Especially in Indonesia, everyone was singing along to our slow songs. It's hard to predict, but we really enjoy discovering what different sides of SILENT SIREN have touched our fans overseas. We're dreaming of singing our songs in the languages of all the countries we visit.

What are your thoughts on returning to the USA in December for two shows?

Yukarun: This will be our second solo live in the US, so we're looking forward to seeing our fans from last time and meeting new fans who will join us on this tour. We're putting together a show that people can enjoy even if they've never seen us before, so don’t be afraid to come check us out. Please come and experience our live performance in person! We call our fans "SaiSai Family", and we want our "SaiSai Family" in the US to grow and support us, and we'll keep putting on the best shows! We’ll give you a performance that only SILENT SIREN can give!

JaME would like to thank SILENT SIREN and RESONANCE Media for this interview opportunity.

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