Mix Speaker's,Inc. Last Tour Final “MIX THEATER”〜Good-bye JUNK STORY〜 at EX THEATER ROPPONGI

live report - 27.03.2018 11:01

Mix Speaker's,Inc.'s last show.

Mix Speaker's,Inc. concluded the last tour before its disbandment with a final show at Tokyo’s EX THEATER ROPPONGI on February 25th. The venue was filled with fans who came to share the last day of the band’s 11-year journey, which started on February 19th, 2007.

Before the show began, two human-sized dolls placed on the stage named LUNA and SUNNY spoke to the fans. “Welcome to MIX THEATER. Tonight will be a party of avengers. Toy Dolls will never stop until they break down. Please enjoy.” The six band members appeared on the stage accompanied by rainstorm sound effects. The opening song If got the band’s final show off to an emotional start. The mellifluous harmony of MIKI and NIKA’s vocals communicated the feelings in their hearts to the fans while the warmth of the guitar sounds and drum beats tenderly embraced the audience. The band brightened the emotional mood by inviting the fans to make marching steps together with them in the following song, TOY DOLL no Kousin. Fans enjoyed dancing, swaying, and headbanging as the song progressed.

“Welcome to the final. Let us make tonight an unforgettable night. We are actually filming a live DVD today. Some of you may be seeing this band for the first time since I became its new vocalist. Let’s sing together,” NIKA spoke to the fans. The band escorted the fans into their musical theme park in HAPPyyy!! LAND. Fans waved their arms, mimicking the two vocalists’ cheerful dance moves. The dance party continued with DOKURO KITCHEN. Shredding guitar sounds and aggressive drum beats added a stronger rock feel to the song. Excited fans imitated the song’s choreography and jumped up to seek’s backing chorus.

The band changed the mood by playing Saigo no Bansan from the theme of Zetsubou restaurant. The sweet harmony of the vocalists flew over the nostalgic melody of the song under the wine red stage lights. The two vocalists blew kisses to the fans at the end of the song, and the stage lights turned green as the band introduced the haunting song Forbidden Forest from the theme of Ghost House. Silhouettes of the band members emerged on the dark stage as the vocalists’ intoxicating harmony penetrated fans’ hearts. AYA’s emotional guitar solo resonated under starry blue stage lights, and the haunting lullaby filled fans with bittersweet feelings.

However, the band then completely changed the mood once again by playing a medley of dance songs. A huge ovation rose when the six members gathered at the center of the stage, each holding a microphone and a penlight. Fans’ cheers filled the venue as the members performed unified choreography while rainbow-colored lights beamed out from the stage. The band also surprised the audience with the long-awaited return of the track BIG BANG MUSIC! during the medley. The twin vocals of AYA and keiji, and the joint rap interlude of seek and S made fans scream as if they were cheering for an idol group. “Did you remember BIG BANG MUSIC!? NIKA actually sang it for the first time,” seek said after the song. “I practiced it by watching YouTube”, NIKA remarked, making the fans laugh. Later, a singalong filled the venue during Shiny tale.

The stage lights suddenly blacked out, and a digital clock showing 17 minutes emerged from the darkness. Accompanied by the piano melody of Black tread, a narrator’s voice spoke to the fans. “The end is near. No one can stop the countdown once it has started. Let the last dance begin.” NIKA switched the countdown clock on. “Give us everything you’ve got!”, MIKI stirred the fans up for Crash Clover long ver.. Fans lost control as the rampaging rock song began to play. They rushed to the front row and headbanged intensely. As the end of the countdown approached, the band played the song at double its usual speed. The music stopped and the stage went black again when the clock hit zero. The sound of a bell resonated throughout the dark venue. Then, NIKA gently spoke to the fans. “Let us dedicate this next song to the end of this story.” The band and fans communed during the closing song Last hours. MIKI benevolently watched the fans as their singalong filled the venue, while NIKA touched his own heart while absorbing their voices.

The band came back for an encore. It started off with TOY DOLL no Bousou, which saw LUNA and SUNNY join the members onstage as backup dancers. Later, the members took turns standing in the center to enjoy interacting with the fans during MONSTIME long ver.. After the song, each member shared the feelings in his heart with the fans.

We played a lot of songs today. It seemed hard to play this many songs before the show, but today has been so fun that I feel like time just flew by. I would like to enjoy this show until the end with everything that made up our 11 years together. The reason we were able to have an 11-year career, to be honest, is because the band members did their best. I would like to thank our staff and fans for supporting us. The last thing I want to say is this: “Thank you so much for these dream-like 11 years!”

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for our 11 years together. We would not have made it without your support. There is one thing I want to apologize to you for. Since the band first started, seek always said that he would like to continue with the band for 10 years and to one day have a show at Nippon Budokan. His words eventually became my dream. It is regretful that we could not keep that promise of making it to Nippon Budokan with you guys. It’s been wonderful to be able to create songs and share them with you. This is the very last show, but I promise to make a great live DVD for you to enjoy.

I actually feel joy more than sadness because I had so much fun during this show. It makes me emotional when I see some of you crying. I had been thinking a lot about what to say to you before the show, but I did not prepare a speech because I wanted to share my real emotions with you. I feel pure joy. I have been happy for 11 years. Although there were hard times, I can now accept them as parts of this happiness. The last 11 years were the happiest time of my life. It is strange to say this on the day of our disbandment, but I would like to one day play music together again with this band. Even today, I feel that way. I will keep my stage costumes, and keep myself in shape until that day. Thank you for 11 years. This is keiji of Mix Speaker's,Inc..

Thank you for 11 years. It’s been a long 11 years, and I gave everything I had for this band. I clearly remember each moment of our days together. This is not the first band for us. We worked hard together to make a first step up from zero. We had long discussions because we all have strong personalities. We strengthened our bond through preciously working on all of the details as a group of creative artists. Thanks to our staff and you guys, we were able to move on until what started as one became a thousand. Although not all of our dreams came true, every moment we created together will remain in our hearts as long as we live. Every song and show we shared together will stay in our hearts. Please continue to love Mix Speaker's,Inc.. Thank you for following us. I would be very happy if I can meet you guys again somewhere in future. This is seek of Mix Speaker's,Inc..

“Thank you for 11 years. As my bandmates said, I feel like the time flew by so fast now that we’ve reached the end, even though I did not feel that way during the process. It does not feel like today is actually our last day. I have been happy to play shows as a vocalist of this band. I have started to think that it would be wonderful if we could gather again in the future. Both the band members and the fans have so much emotion that can’t be expressed with words. Please keep it in your heart and move on with your life, because we will also do the same. We may or may not be able to see each other again, but I think it is good to have dreams and hopes like that.”

I joined Mix Speaker's,Inc. in the middle of its career, so I often watched the band as an outsider. There were unwritten rules among the band members that were there before I joined. I remember myself working hard to learn the band’s songs and rules. What YUKI created in this band was so great that I felt a strong pressure to join the band. I was very happy when you guys warmly welcomed me into the group. I feel great about having been able to sing on stage. I thank my bandmates and fans for supporting me from the bottom of my heart. It has been an honor to be a part of the band’s long history. The contents of people’s hearts change over time, but I would be grateful if you could keep our days together in your memory and look back sometimes. I will always remember them. This is the very last band for me, but I will continue to be NIKA of Mix Speaker's,Inc.. You will always be Bangya Princess and Bangya Prince. I will sing again when I want to do so.

The band and fans, with all of the emotion in their hearts, sang together during YOU♪AI♪MESSAGE long ver. The two vocalists spoke to the fans during the song. “Thank you for everything! I am really happy that I joined Mix Speaker's,Inc.!”, NIKA said. “I am happy that you guys came here to say good bye to us. Never forget!,” MIKI said. Silver metallic ribbons were shot out all over the venue to bring the song to a grand finale. “I love you all!”, MIKI shouted out, and AYA’s Twinkle Twinkle Little Star guitar melody closed the song.

The show had a double encore. “We cannot end the show without playing this song. Good bye JUNK STORY!”. The band and fans, both on the first and second floor, moshed around for the last time. NIKA gave a big shout of “Thank you!” four times at the end of the song. Finally, the six members gathered at the center of the stage, and took a final bow until the curtain fell.

The live DVD of the show is available only through preorder. It can be purchased from the band’s official web shop. Preorders must be made before the end of April.

Set List

1. If
2. TOY DOLL no Kousin
3. Pandora
4. Friday Night Busters
5. HAPPyyy!!! LAND
6. “as same as…”
7. Kasa no shita no sekai〜SKY HEAVEN medley
8. little star
11. ☆彡Station〜Tsuki ga ochirumaeni〜Ozora Canvas
12. 「SOS」Toy’s Factory
13. Saigo no Bansan
14. Forbidden Forest
15. Side trip Killer rose
16. ONESTAR〜Cinderella〜BIG BANG MUSIC! medley
17. Urameshi Yashiki Chika Sankai
18. Romeo no Melody
19. Ghost gate
21. Shiny tale
22. Death Parade
23. Carni=balism
24. Crash Clover long ver.
25. Last hours

26. TOY DOLL no Bousou
27. MONSTIME long ver.
28. YOU♪AI♪MESSAGE long ver.

Double Encore
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