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interview - 26.04.2018 10:01

AN CAFE introduce their latest single and talk about their 15th anniversary.

AN CAFE has been rocking fans at home and abroad for the past 15 years, and they don't seem to be showing any signs of slowing down. The five-piece "Harajuku dance rock" band recently dropped a new single and will be holding their anniversary live at Hibiya Open-Air Concert Hall on April 28th. What do the band members have to tell JaME about their new single and 15th anniversary? Read on to find out!

What is the concept of your latest single Negaigoto wa hitotsusa?

kanon: We made the song hoping that listeners will feel like it's really an AN CAFE song once they hear it. I think all our experiences gained from our past activities are shown in the songs.
miku: It's a song written for the heartbroken, about the sadness they feel during the spring season.
teruki: It’s a song of the two different images of spring, one of which is a shining image and the other of a sadness we feel.

How is Negaigoto wa hitotsusa different from all your previous releases?

kanon: All of it is different.
miku: There's a whole new rhythm that we haven’t done before for the lead song.
teruki: The song itself has a strong ballad feel but the music itself is lively. Two different characteristics are mixed into one, making it different.
takuya: The approach we took to the rhythm and song style that makes you feel like you're listening to a medium ballad.
yuuki: It's our first time releasing a single that gives you a bittersweet feeling.

What should fans pay attention to when listening to Negaigoto wa hitotsusa?

kanon: First of all its melody, then every sound that supports it.
miku: As a vocalist, I'd say the bittersweet voice and the lyrics.
teruki: It’s up to the listener what they want to listen to. They can just listen to the song, or move their body to the beat of every sound.
takuya: For me, please listen the melodic guitar solo.
yuuki: The rhythmic sound of the drums, bittersweet voice and melody that all combine, gives off a mysterious feeling.

Please introduce the second track, Ne. What is this song about?

kanon: It’s a song for letting out emotion.
miku: It’s a song like a dam burst of feelings that don’t have any place to go.

What was the inspiration behind third track Kimi wa itsuka kagi ni naru~truth or lie~?

miku: It’s a song which I wrote about the experiences I wanted to share all along these past 15 years.

Have you begun working on new songs? If so, what can you tell us about them?

kanon: There aren't any plans to release a new one yet, but every time I get inspired by something, I make a song and save it.
miku: We're taking it easy with making songs right now and doing our best preparing for lives.
teruki: I think every member is making one.

2018 marks your 15th anniversary. What are your thoughts on this milestone?

kanon: I really feel we're supported by the people around us. I really want to thank everyone we met along the way.
miku: I really think it's because of the people who supported us all the way. Thank you very much.
teruki: I feel the 15 years passed by too fast. I really thank everyone and it's all because of the staff and fans who supported us all these years.
takuya: It’s been 11 years since I joined the group but it passed by so fast. I really want to thank all the people who supported us all these years.
yuuki: It’s been 11 years since I joined the group, and I feel so happy that we have been able to continue for so long. I want to thank all the Cafekkos who have kept on supporting us all these years.

What celebratory activities have you planned for your 15th anniversary?

kanon: While looking back at the past, I will challenge new things.
miku: It's an anniversary year that needs to be celebrated, so I want to spice it up with great things and events.
teruki: First of all, we had a live tour where fans voted for the set list. The final live of this tour, which is titled Bokura no kiseki no aikotoba wa 'Nyappy' ~Hibiya On the O-New Sekai (Kan)~, will be held on April 28th.
yuuki: We will be having an anniversary live on April 28th at Hibiya Open-Air Concert Hall.

In your 15 years as a band, were there any times you felt like giving up? If so, how did you overcome your difficulties?

kanon: It’s because our fans were always there for us.
miku: We experienced many difficulties along the way, but the good experiences outnumbered the bad. We want to continue our band activities because there are sights we still want to see.
teruki: There were times I felt like giving up, but the music and everyone who kept on supporting us saved us.
takuya: Every member experienced different difficulties along the way, but we were able to continue till now thanks to the support of our fans.
yuuki: I experienced difficulties many times, but the band members and fans kept on supporting me, enabling me to continue till now.

Please share with us the most memorable thing you've experienced as an AN CAFE band member in these 15 years.

kanon: It's the world tour. It was a great experience I couldn't have had if I had been an office worker.
miku: It's the experience I went through outside of the place I lived, not just within the country but overseas as well. I really feel thankful for it.
teruki: It's the time when the first members left the band.
yuuki: It's the first live at Harajuku after I joined the band.

AN CAFE has been bringing "Harajuku dance rock" to fans all these years. How do you ensure that your image and music stay fresh and exciting?

kanon: We haven’t really been conscious of it. It just fit the things we made.
miku: We've been making set lists with songs that everyone can sing and dance along to at lives.
teruki: By continuing to do what we think is our music.
yuuki: For me, maybe it's all because of the costumes we wear (laughs).

Are you satisfied with what you've achieved as a band up till now? Why or why not?

kanon: As long as I live, I'll never be satisfied.
miku: I've never been satisfied. I want to update myself each and every day.
teruki: I'm satisfied, but I want to experience more things.
takuya: To tell you the truth, I'm not satisfied, but I'm very satisfied with all the experiences I had in the past. It's because I've been able to stand on the big stages I dreamt of, such as the Budokan, and also because I've been able to do a world tour.
yuuki: I'm satisfied because I've been able to see things I normally can’t experience.

Do you intend to expand your reach worldwide? If so, what are your strategies?

kanon: If there are people who ask for it, we want to take up the challenge.
miku: We want to meet everyone who is waiting for AN CAFE, but it's not something I can bring about by myself. I need everyone’s support for it.
teruki: It’s not as big as expanding worldwide, but I want to go to places I still haven't been able to go to and I want go back to the places which we went to in the past. I want to have lives in many places.
takuya: I haven’t thought of it deeply, but I want to do a world tour again.
yuuki: I hope we can do it for the fans who support us overseas.

Please leave a message for JaME readers.

kanon: Thank you for reading. We'll do our best to become a band that will be remembered by everyone.
miku: I hope we can meet everyone through JaME. I really hope more people will know and love AN CAFE. Thank you for reading.
teruki: Please listen to any song of AN CAFE.
takuya: I assure you that you'll experience new things when listening to our music.
yuuki: Thank you for reading! I hope there'll be people who get to know about AN CAFE though this. And please listen to our songs!

JaME would like to thank AN CAFE and Being, INC. for this interview opportunity.
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