Psycho le Cému Live Tour 2018 Doppelganger 〜PLC academy’s final 48 hours〜 at TOYOSU PIT

live report - 24.06.2018 10:01

Psycho le Cému held the grand finale of their longest nationwide tour in their 19-year career.

Psycho le Cému concluded their Psycho le Cému Live Tour 2018 Doppelganger on May 12th at Tokyo’s TOYOSU PIT. The theme of the tour was based on the title of their new album Light and Shadow, which was released on May 9th, 2018, and consisted of two consecutive shows Guernica brigade’s darkest 48 hours and PLC academy’s final 48 hours. This report covers PLC academy’s final 48 hours, which described the last battle of light and shadow.

The show started with a short play. The narration declared the beginning of the final battle, and revealed the truth that the two forces must be unified in order to save the world. The fans’ ovation rose as the narration introduced the characters of PLC academy: drummer YURA-SAMA as Purple Belceuse, bassist seek as Swordfish Poseidon, guitarist AYA as Pink Fighter, guitarist Lida as Space Fire, and finally vocalist DAISHI as Animal Crusher.

The band kicked off the final by singing JUNGLE×JUNGLE in turns. With their unique style of singing and dancing with playback music, the band immediately drew fans into their world. “This choreography may be difficult, but please follow us!” YURA-SAMA said, his cheerful voice starting the next song MEGATORN-Upper ver.-. YURA-SAMA and AYA danced together with pen lights in their hands. The colorful lights of the fans’ glow sticks and pen lights created a fantastic view in the venue as they followed the song’s choreography. During the dance rock song, Lida heated up the show with his rap interlude. At YURA-SAMA’s lead, the fans chanted Lida’s name during his guitar solo. “Thank you very much!” YURA-SAMA greeted fans with a big smile at the end of the song.

“Welcome to the final! Let’s make love together!” DAISHI declared, stirring up fans. Now, with four band members taking up their musical instruments, the band brightened up the show by playing a melodious pop rock song, Mousou Graffiti. The fans swayed to the beautiful harmony of DAISHI’s passionate high tone voice and Lida’s backing chorus. Later, the band changed the atmosphere by exhibiting their aggressions with a hard rock number, Zetsubou no Guernica. Heavy guitar riffs and top speed drum beats had the fans headbanging. The fans’ shouts and fist pumps filled the venue as they enthusiastically responded to DAISHI’s charismatic vocals.

The band continued to entertain fans with songs from their new album. seek made the fans laugh by trying to hit Lida with a horn on his swordfish costume during the performance of STAR TRAIN. Later, the band had a short skit part where AYA and Lida sneaked into Guernica brigade’s secret hideout. Their personalities were switched when they accidentally bumped with each other. The fans laughed and were impressed when AYA inside of Lida sung in his amazing vibrato voice. “Let’s do next song in the switched style!” said DAISHI before the band went into You & Me. Opposite to the usual style, AYA played the lead guitar while Lida danced around with a cheerleading pom pom. Fans burst into laughers as Lida hilariously danced around AYA during his guitar solo.

The show had another short play part. The members of PLC academy discovered the truth that the members of Guernica brigade were actually the manifestations of their own dark sides. Suddenly, each member’s dark side appeared in turn. The band members mocked each other, and DAISHI finally targeted the fans. “How long have you been doing all the fan girl things!? Why don’t you go to BUCK-TICK’s show instead!? What’s the use of following a band like Psycho le Cému!?” The fans laughed hard at the band’s sense of twisted humor. “Let’s dance after you laughed!” YURA-SAMA spoke to fans before BLADE DANCE. Once again, the five members sang in turns while certified aerobics instructor YURA-SAMA led the fans' dance moves. Psycho le Cému’s non stop entertainment continued with another dance party in the following song Ooedo tabigarasu.

“It’s time to go wild! Revenger!” DAISHI shouted the title of the band’s newest melodious power metal song. seek empowered the song with his vocal interlude and beastly shout. Guitar shredding, thunderous drum beats, and the twin vocals of seek and DAISHI showed the band’s evolution. “Five of us succeeded in creating a great new album. We dedicate the next song to you,” DAISHI spoke to fans before the last song Oozora wo mezasu ano hana no youni. The band conveyed their unchanging love to their fans and passions for reaching to the stage of their dreams. “I love you all!” DAISHI shouted out at the end of the song.

The final part of the play came after the encore. Student council president YURA-SAMA asked the members to sting him with Doppel’s Sword to destroy the dark side within all the members. At his ultimate sacrifice, PLC academy was finally able to save the world. The four members sat on the stage and recalled their good memories with YURA-SAMA. Later, DAISHI shared that he wanted to express how great it is for the five members from the same home town to be able to keep playing music together through this ending of the story. “You guys and we are still in the middle of a dream. Not everyday is a good day; there are many tough times. This song always resonates in my heart when I face a hardship. Here I dedicate this song to a dream and the life of everyone in here,” DAISHI spoke to fans before the final song REMEMBRANCE. His voice was met with the singalong of the fans. Fans cheered when they saw the four band members gathered in front of YURA-SAMA’s drum set.

Each member shared his heart with the fans after the last song.

“We were able to conclude this fantastic tour. Please keep following us. The five of us will keep moving forward with this happy story we are living.”

“We made it thanks to your support. We will do the best for our 20th anniversary next year.”

“It was our longest tour ever. Thank you all for coming to our shows. I could only thank you for your support. Thank you!”

“Two months went by so fast. I was at a big crossroads of my life, and there was so much emotion in me. But I was able to face you guys straight and sing together with you guys because of your support. I will remember this tour for the rest of my life. Thank you.”

“I became able to love my band members better each day. The five of us and you guys all have struggles. But, the five of us will be on a stage. Please come to see us again.”

The band took group photos with the fans at the end of the show.

Set list

02. MEGATORN-Upper ver.-
03. Mousou Graffiti
04. Kronos
05. Zetsubou no Guernica
06. One day
08. Ai no uta
10. You & Me
11. Mirai Shounen x Mirai Shoujo
12. Omoidearuki
14. Ooedo tabigarasu
15. Revenger-Kurayami no Fukushuusya-
16. 2020
17. Michi no sora
18. Liberty, babies
19. Matenrou Chaos
20. Murderer Death Kill –Long ver.-
21. Akiramenai Days
22. Oozora wo mezasu ano hana no youni


Watch the music video of Revenger-Kurayami no fukushuusya- and a trailer of the new album Light and Shadow below:

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