m-flo presents “OTAQUEST LIVE” powered by LDH USA at Anime Expo 2018: Part 1

live report - 29.09.2018 04:14

OTAQUEST LIVE at Anime Expo 2018 brought famous Japanese DJs of different styles together with legends such as Crystal Kay and m-flo.

The first OTAQUEST LIVE at Anime Expo 2018 brought famous Japanese DJs of different styles together with legends such as Crystal Kay and m-flo. With a guest DJ warming up the audience as soon as doors opened, the event that lasted over six hours began way before the announced guests took the stage.

Hachijoji P

At the scheduled time, the screens announced the first DJ. The venue was filled with yellow lights and the attendees got ready for Hachioji P, famous Vocaloid producer. Lightsticks of different colors filled the floor, moving to the rhythm. When popular songs by virtual idol Miku such as Just Be Friends were played, the fans changed the lights to a bright green that was representative of the Vocaloid star.

Hachioji P had a small MC in between songs: “ Hey guys! I’m Hachioji! Let’s have fun!”

The audience went wild whenever vocaloid characters appeared on the screens. One of the highlights of the set was the remixed version of "Black☆Rock Shooter that came with a subtitled Vocaloid video along the blue and purple lights that moved to the beat.

The set ended with Hachioji P getting on the table and jumping from it while thanking the fans.


© Chad Brady

YUC'e began her set and the venue turned pink from the colored lightsticks of the fans. “Hi! How are you guys!? I’m YUC'e. I’m so excited! Ok, let’s have fun together!” she said excitedly to the crowd and started clapping.

Throughout her set, a mix of pastel images, and pink and yellow lights danced to the beat. YUC'e sang while playing the songs, which added to the fun and interaction with the fans. She encouraged the fans to sing with her.

Instead of displaying animations, the screens showed live footage with cameras focused on the audience and YUC'e singing as she moved across the stage. She told the fans to move the lightsticks in a circle and jump! The audience also got a special treat by listening to a new song she had released in April. Everyone had fun dancing with this DJ!

Masayoshi Iimori

© Chad Brady

The venue went from pink lights to a black and red atmosphere. An emergency alarm sound filled the venue and DJ Masayoshi Iimori began his set by screaming “Los Angeles! How you feeling?!”

The fans knew the lyrics to some songs and sang on their own. “Where are my headbangers at?!” Masayoshi asked.

With warping purple, red and black 3D images on the screens, the audience waving their matching lightsticks as the Masayoshi clapped along. His set was more fast paced then the previous ones and the crowd never stopped moving.

After another dose of emergency alarms in between songs he surprised everyone with his own remix of Simple and Clean, the popular song from "Kingdom Hearts", driving the crowd wild! He closed the set with the last song, a remix of one of the songs from headliner m-flo!


© Chad Brady

TeddyLoid came on stage and brought in his own world, including an introduction video and a mood change from previous DJ, from deep red and black to tones of grey with blue and yellow lights. His set seemed to tell a story, and the fans waved their now white or blue light sticks according to the mood.

In between his songs he treated the fans with his version of Princess Mononoke by Joe Hisaishi from the film of the same name, accompanied by blue lights and white lightsticks. Fans formed a triangle with the white lightsticks and their hands, a trademark sign of TeddyLoid.

The set just kept getting better when TeddyLoid played songs from the ME!ME!ME! series as the official animated videos ran on the screen. Dancers dressed as the main character came out to each side of the stage to dance along to the songs and drove the crowd crazy! TeddyLoid ended his set with a bow amid cheers from the fans.

Part 2 of our OTAQUEST LIVE report is coming soon. Watch out for it!
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