live report - 25.07.2007 22:00

Live report of The Candy Spooky Theater's NYC show on May 21st during their first US tour.

People had been lining up anxiously outside of the Knitting Factory in New York City since 8 am on May 21st, waiting to see The Candy Spooky Theater. By 5 pm the crowd waiting outside had grown, extending all the way down the block of one of the city’s side streets. When the doors were finally opened, there was a rush down into the Knitting Factory’s Tap Bar; the medium of the three stages; where everyone packed themselves tightly together in front of the stage that rose roughly 15” off the ground.

There was nothing to hold onto besides the people around you as the heat from the waiting audience filled the room. Some people decided to leave the crowd and stand off to the side before the show even started as the heat got to them. Finally the lights went out and it was show time. Tainted Reality’s Roger came out first and took the mic to introduce the members of The Candy Spooky Theater. Each member emerged from the side of stage, starting with Peggy who jumped around, enticing the crowd to scream. Zull was next, wearing a white outfit with a black vest and hat resembling something The Mad Hatter would wear. After some encouragement from the crowd, Jack Spooky emerged, taking a leisurely stroll across the stage holding the band’s mascot doll, Tsutomu. As the members picked up their respective instruments, This Is Halloween began to blare through the venue’s speakers, getting the crowd ready for what was about to come.

The speakers cut as the band began to play Devilish Kidnapper. Just as excited as the crowd, Peggy started to jump and move around, encouraging the fans when without warning, his bass strap snapped and the instrument slipped nearly out of his hands. In a bout of frustration he kicked the wall and attempted to continue his playing, but as the song changed to TRICK or TREAT, he left the stage to try and fix the problem. Still unresolved, Peggy emerged from the side of the stage and tried to balance his bass on his leg in order to play for Strip, but was without much luck. Jack Spooky kept reaching out to the crowd, enthusiastically pulling on people’s hands, hovering over the audience and singing with a blank expression on his face. Meanwhile Zull stood with his head tilted like a doll, occasionally twirling around his guitar that was attached to a stand. Unable to keep his bass balanced, Peggy dropped his bass on the stage and left looking displeased.

Peggy was missing for quite a while before he finally came back out with a new strap. Halfway through their set, the energy from the crowd had taken it’s toll as some people actually passed out. A security guard who had been standing off to the side had to come forward and help some people who had fallen on the monitors on the stage. While this was going on, Jack adverted his attention as he walked up to the edge of the stage, scanned the people in front of him, and grabbed one member of the crowd. He tilted her head to the side and proceeded to run his tongue along the side of her neck until he released her and walked back to the center of the small stage. Zull continued his doll-like dance; his movements were almost like a puppet on a string.

When Exocist started, everyone completely lost themselves in the music, screaming along with Jack as he reached out to grab a hold of hands, pulling him in the crowd. After the song was over, Jack walked to the back of the stage and grabbed Tsutomu off of one of the amps and pulled a wadded up piece of paper from the doll’s back, unfolding it a bit. He read off a few lines of English, telling the crowd to go crazy.

After Spook House, the band left the stage. The crowd was exhausted, but they didn’t let their dehydration keep them from chanting “ENCORE! ENCORE!” until the band finally emerged to please them. After playing Murder Toy in the Closet, nejimaki denki isu, and Exocist for their encore, Jack gave into the crowd and jumped on them, letting the hands of the audience roll him over back to the stage while Peggy jumped around yet again and Zull just stared blankly. Waving their final good-byes, the band left one by one until the stage was completely empty. The high-energy show was over.

Set List

SE- This Is Halloween (Nightmare Before Christmas)
1. Devilish Kidnapper
3. Strip
4. Nightmare
5. Ferris Wheel
6. A Clockwork World
7. Murder Toy in the Closet
8. nejimaki denki isu
9. nemureru mori no hanayome
11. Merry Go Round
12. Spook House

EN-1. Murder Toy in the Closet
EN-2. nejimaki denki isu
EN-3. Exocist

Photos by Alwin Mui.
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