Interview with girugamesh in Finland

interview - 04.06.2008 22:00

JaME interviewed vocalist Satoshi and drummer Яyo just before their European tour final at Tavastia club in Helsinki.

JaME had a chance to interview girugamesh just before the start of their gig in Helsinki. While Nii and Shuu were still preparing themselves for the gig, Яyo and Satoshi were answering our questions.

Why is your tour named Stupid Euro Tour 08' Does it have something to do with the song stupid on your new album?

Яyo: That name has nothing to do with the song. The tour is named Stupid Tour because of the great amount of concert dates, there were like forty of them. It's a lot for a Japanese band and we thought it was really stupid.

Your former vocalist Cyrien (aka Tora) is in Sel'm now. Do you still keep in touch with him?

Яyo: He's still a good friend of ours.

Your new record is quite different from previous ones. Did you change your style intentionally or do you have some aim with it? Or is it just a matter of natural progression?

Яyo: Last tour, when we played our earlier songs, we felt that they were missing something. They needed some edge and we wanted to bring this 'something' to the new album.

Why is your band so successful?

Яyo: Maybe because our music is simple and style of our dressing is impressive.

What about your fame in Europe?

Яyo: Probably for the same reasons.

You've been playing together with deathgaze. What was it like, and if you had another chance to play with someone else, which band would you choose?

Яyo: We had fun with deathgaze. We just drank all day long. (laughs) We have played with many bands already so I'm not able to name a certain band...
Satoshi: We don't want to play with a visual kei band.
Яyo: Yeah, more like we want to play with a senpai of ours.

You have said that you want to communicate with your European fans. Are you able to speak English?

Яyo: We sure want to talk with our fans in English and our manager gave us a program for Nintendo DS. With that we have been learning English. By playing one can learn words and full phrases, but we haven't learned a thing, maybe because we are so stupid. (laughs) We're still having problems with learning...

Are you going to perform today as you'd perform in Japan?

Яyo: Yes, we are not going to change our style of performing for every venue.

Let's talk a bit more about your promotional videos. Kowarete iku sekai is different from others because it has a story and not just the band playing. Are you going to film more videos like this, and could you tell us more about the story behind the video?

Яyo: Hmm...we are going to make more videos in future.
Satoshi: The lyrics for Kowarete iku sekai tell about a person who's destroying his environment, and this is the message that we wanted to share in our video. The baby is a metaphor for life and the skull for death.

Do you have a message to our readers?

Satoshi: Please anticipate our gig with enthusiasm, because we are going to come back as soon as possible.

And finally, what are your thoughts about Finland?

Яyo: It's damn cold here but there are a lot of cute girls here!

Thank you for the interview!

Satoshi and Яyo: Thanks.

Pictures by Heikki Mitikka.
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