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interview - 15.05.2008 22:00

Stairway to Spiral

Last year was their 10th anniversary commemorating their major-debut, and they experienced their first Budokan live as well as their second overseas tour. Now it's 2008, so what can we expect to see from Plastic Tree? We’ll read their minds about their new single, Alone again, wonderful world, which was released on April 9th.

I heard your new single, Alone again, wonderful world was released on April 9th, but at the time of this interview (at the end of January), it hasn't been completed yet. However, I also heard that you created this song previously.

Ryutarou: I guess it was sometime last year. (laugh)

I listened to it; it seems gentle.

Ryutarou: Ah, it's still quite rough, but I'm sure it will change. To be honest, it's a song that we tried recording once, but then stopped in the process. We decided that it would be better to do it over again when we had the time.

You mean this time it is much better than what you tried to form before?

Ryutarou: Yes, totally. I think the rhythm is the same though.

So recording the rhythms was easy, right?

Sasabuchi: The drum sounds are what I recorded before, but modified. I thought I would play the drums again, but what I recorded before seemed to be no problem, so I used the recording as it was. So it is something that I recorded three or four months ago.

So, the bass sounds were also recorded last year?

Tadashi: No, the bass sounds are totally different. When I recorded them before, I made them very 60s, but this time they are very 90s. It's like it changed from British pop to alternative music. (laugh) Last time I thought more pop, but this time I thought it would be better to be more aggressive.

You thought to make good use of an edgy sound. The 90s... it was quite a cool decade. (laugh)

Tadashi: Uhn... rather than pop it became more rock, really.

It's interesting. The origin is the same, but it changed from pop to rock.

Tadashi: When Ryutarou made the song, we talked about the direction like "It's good to be pop, but wouldn't it also be interesting to have band-like, acrid aspects in the background?" And we said "Let's do it."

Ryutarou: Before, I made the song imagining it to be pop, but when I make songs by myself, I can't release the band-like, acrid aspects that we can as a group. So it had a pop mood at first, but, while we were on tour after we made Nega Posi (their album Nega to Posi), we thought we could arrange it to be more acrid this time.

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