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A collaboration of talented artists.

In 2006, pop diva Koda Kumi and R&B vocal-dance group EXILE worked together and created WON'T BE LONG. The single came with a DVD.

WON'T BE LONG has a groovy beat, making you want to move. EXILE member ATSUSHI does most of the male vocal parts, and his voice mixes well with Koda Kumi's voice. The horns give this song a swinging sound, adding to the dance feel. Not only is the music is catchy, but the lyrics are too. This is one of those songs that you will immediately hum along to and quickly learn the lyrics of.

The next track is a karaoke version of the title track. There are two more karaoke versions: one for guys and one for ladies. In the booklet, the male parts of the lyrics are pointed out by spades and Koda Kumi's parts by hearts, to help you with the corresponding karaoke version.

The DVD contains the promotional video for WON'T BE LONG. It starts with two flashing coins, with the artists names on them, merging together. The rest of the video is very colorful, and the EXILE members and Koda Kumi show off their dancing skills.

There is nothing wrong with this release, it's a perfect song from two major Japanese artists and is therefore a must-have for all Jpop fans.
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