Janne Da Arc - HEAVEN

review - 21.05.2008 22:00

Consisting of a well-balanced synthesis embracing all the elements Janne Da Arc is loved for, this is a single that does not disappoint.

HEAVEN is a single released in 2006 by Janne Da Arc. Since they are a band with a long and rich history in the Japanese rock scene, the fans have many expectations for their latest creation. Having to prove its worth, will the single meet the standard’s the group has set with their numerous releases?

Heaven storms right in with the rumbling of guitars and yasu’s distinctive vocals. This initial energy is retained through the entire song, softened slightly by enchanting, synthesized melodies and lively drumming. The rhythmic patterns are woven in many layers and shift constantly, building up a feeling of suspense, and ultimately taking you over the edge. Yasu’s voice plays a key part, carrying you along with its beautiful color and fluctuations. Heaven puts you into a most optimistic mood, leaving you more than satisfied.

The second track of the single is impressive from the beginning: kiyo’s keyboard steps forward and antagonizes the edgy guitar melodies with flowing, chiming echoes. Möbius, the B-side, is a bit slower than the title track, but nonetheless remains a vivid rock song with short but expertly performed guitar solos. Softer parts mingle with more intense ones, and the arrangement complements the band’s skills perfectly. Unfortunately, no matter how well served, the song never ceases to remind the listener of older JDA hits, and this alone takes away some of its vitality. Still, it is a wholesome composition, and together with the title track they create a formidable duo.

HEAVEN is a satisfying single. The songs are carefully thought out and executed with an amazing energy. Of course, they don’t bring in any novelties or breakthrough elements, but do they really have to? The result may not be 'absolutely heavenly' for the most demanding of fans, but compared to the many amateurish J-rock releases of late, it will definitely make any listener exclaim "thank heaven" for a single full of quality rock, brought alive with a unique flare of pop.
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