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BACK-ON gives their listeners their version of a NEW WORLD.

At the end of 2006, BACK-ON released their fourth mini-album titled NEW WORLD. Unlike their previous mini-album, BABY ROCK, this release features fresh and upbeat tunes mixing hip-hop and rock into a perfect combination.

Beginning with the title track, NEW WORLD surprises its listeners by possibly being the catchiest song on the release. It begins with the sound of an audience cheering just as cymbals crash together; a couple keyboard notes are pressed just before the pounding of the drums and guitar come in at the same time. The sound is electric and heavy when TEEDA joins in with his smooth rap vocals, building the song's emotions higher for the listener. It reaches its climax with KENJI03's intense chorus, which is sung rather than rapped. If performed live, this is a track that would build the excitement within the crowd; the full song is upbeat, up tempo and exhilarating.

Following is Chain (Album Mix), which is the album's version of the track used as the theme for the anime series "Air Gear." The song is introduced with a calming short piece from an acoustic guitar before becoming loud and heavy as all the instruments join together. The beats of the drums and TEEDA's rapping complement each other though the verses as KENJI03 overtakes the chorus, building emphasis with the guitars. The fourth song on the release, DRIVE, has a similar quality to Chain (Album Mix), but is more quiet and calm.

The third track, RAIN, is a song that incorporates different elements of BACK-ON. For one, it sounds like an urban song, which appeals to the listener's body movements and not simply through auditory senses. When TEEDA begins his rapping, the track takes a slightly different turn sounding more like a hip-hop track, but when KENJI03 begins, the urban sound returns. This song truly shows just how well these two vocalists work together to provide such an interesting and pleasing sound for the listener.

Hikari sasuhou begins with the strumming of guitars, but it's the combination of the chords with the drums which becomes the focal point through the verses. In this track, instead of one voice bringing in the song and then allowing the other to be the true emphasis, the two vocalists play on each other, making this track upbeat and exciting as it seems all over the place.

The fifth and final track makes a perfect ending to the release. Make Some Noise shows similar aspects to the band's previously created music, going back to their roots. It's different from the rest of the tracks with much a more hip-hop and rap sound. Even though the title suggests it might be a loud and quick song, it's actually medium tempo and very soothing as it closes out the mini-album.

NEW WORLD shows the diverse talent of this young band in the hip-hop and rock genres. They show that they can combine the two into one or simply separate them within the same track. Considering BACK-ON's previous work, this release is different, yet fans new and old should keep an open mind as the band shows us their new world.
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