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interview - 21.04.2009 10:01

Fusion of the origin and the present.

Last year, they were stimulated by foreign bands in the Taste of CHAOS tour, while also realizing their sense of being Japanese. With this experience MUCC fused and completed their new album, Kyuutai, with a totally different air than what they had done up until now. So, in this interview we took the chance to find out about some of what went on behind the scenes during recording in the studio.

Miya: You know, I don't think that there are any bright songs on this album.


Miya: When I was listening to them, I was thinking that they were dark in some ways.

Well I don’t know if you can do much about that now. (laugh)

Tatsuro: Isn’t Lemming rather bright?

Miya: Ah, yes. But there aren’t any songs that are in a major key!

Really? I don’t have a dark impression of this album.

Miya: The songs themselves aren’t dark.

Yes. Kyuutai is an album that was created after being influenced by foreign bands, such as ATREYU and STORY OF THE YEAR, whom you played with and went touring with in USA, Europe and Japan for the Taste of Chaos tour last year. It was very fresh. I imagine from that, that the mood you created in this is close to what you created in 6.

Miya: Ah. But, at that time we hadn’t been overseas yet. Or had we? I think that we had done just one live, so we hadn’t experienced that much, it hadn’t yet soaked in. I think that after we gained more experience we had a mood about us where we could make those kinds of riffs.

How were you during the recording? How was YUKKE, from the view points the other members?

SATOchi: Like for our former single, ken (L'Arc~en~Ciel) joined in the last half of the recording, so I think we could make good use of what we learned from him there. He gave us advice like, “Here is this, so it would be better to do it like that, right? So why don’t you play with a 16 beat here?”

Tatsuro: But he died once, right?


Tatsuro: Yeah, he got pretty worn out. But he soon recovered, and seemed kind of happy which was a bit unexpected.

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