HINOI team - SUPER EURO PARTY (Supported by Korikkii)

review - 26.05.2008 22:00

The best album for your super eurobeat party!

When people think of the Japanese pop scene, the most stereotypical image would be all-girl bubblegum pop. HINOI Team is just this, except they have a simple concept: Japanese covers of eurobeat songs. The album features, alongside the usual four girls, vocals from Korikkii, who is a comedian and former wrestler.

The album has something for everyone (as long as you like it upbeat and aren't afraid of just a little bit of cheese). There are the parapara classics IKE IKE and NIGHT OF FIRE; the originals of both have been featured in the video game series Para Para Paradise. While they're a good way to open the album in terms of setting the scene, it could be a bit daunting for a listener who doesn't know what to expect.

There are some vague rock elements incorporated in the album. Most noticeably, during the introduction of YEAH!, there is a guitar mixed in with the dance rhythm and keyboards. It is also evident in EMOTICONS, which is possibly the most typically eurobeat song on the album. These elements, as well as the inclusion of Korikkii's deep vocals, prevent the album from simply repeating the same sound over and over again, which the album is at risk of at several points.

One of the strongest songs on the album is PLAY WITH THE NUMBERS. It starts out with a chant from the girls before blasting into a ridiculously catchy verse and a somehow even catchier chorus. The song becomes impossible to forget, right after the first listen.

Needless to say, there isn't a ballad in sight on this album. It's all high-octane and above all, fun. The slowest song on the album is probably ON MY OWN, which would probably be the most energetic song on any other album.

While the album isn't covering any particularly new ground, it is strong enough to give the group a name within the eurobeat genre. This is shown by the fact that even though it's been over a year since their last release, and there are no signs of further activities, HINOI team is still being talked about as one of the eurobeat groups in Japan.
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