BACK-ON - Chain

review - 04.06.2008 22:00

A rocking release by BACK-ON.

The single Chain by hip-hop/rock band BACK-ON appeared in 2006. The title track was used for the anime series Air Gear. The third track on this CD was also used for a television show. With this release the band gained more popularity, and they deserve it!

Chain is the first track, and it probably represents BACK-ON's style the most out of these three songs. Don't let the first few, sweetly strummed guitar notes fool you, Chain is definitely a rock song with some hip-hop influence. After a few seconds, the song turns very energetic as the rest of the instruments fall in. The MC of TEEDA combined with KENJI03's vocals might remind first time listeners to BACK-ON of Linkin Park, but they have created an unique rock sound. Every now and then the calm guitar tune comes back, and together with the synthesizer effects they create a dreamy feeling before launching you back into the rock.

The next song, Believer, has a simple but catchy drumbeat by ICCHAN. The overall song is a bit of a pop-punk style. Though the music is pretty simple, that might as well be the power of this track. The vocal and MC parts are well balanced.

Kodou has a chorus that begs to be sung along to, and the shouting vocals make you want to scream along. During this song, BACK-ON mixes short parts that are slower and more laid back with the energetic chorus, creating just the right balance. Though the shouted lyrics are catchy, the voices sound a bit hoarse, and overall the vocal parts on this song are of a lesser quality than the previous tracks.

This first single from BACK-ON gives a good impression of the band. The first song has some more hip-hop influence, while the second one just rocks. Overall, a very energetic release!
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