ayabie - Melt Away

review - 06.06.2008 22:00

Melt away into ayabie's latest single.

ayabie's latest single features a diverse blend of sounds for fans to enjoy. From spacey and digital to quick and heavy with a bit of sweetness in between, Melt Away is another star in the band’s release catalog.

TheMe is a fine example of what has become a sort of signature style for ayabie. Pop-style digital sounds blend almost naturally with a strong, but not heavy, bass line and Kenzo's quick, tapping drumbeats. Aoi's voice is subtly sweet and weaves nicely in and out of the music so that no element overpowers another. A guitar solo near the end of the song is the perfect launching pad for Aoi's voice to shine against the catchy rhythm and those same computerized sounds, which close out the track.

Relying less on synthesized elements and more on the skills of each member of the band, I'm vogue might just be the real star of this release. Takehito and Yumehito play their guitars both skillfully and beautifully in this heartfelt number; the guitar solo mid-way elicits a fair amount of emotion on its own. Aoi's voice drifts serenely through the rest of the lyrics of a track, and it might make listeners want to close their eyes and simply get lost in the music.

A heavier track, Sanbyou features a fast paced instrumental opening before Aoi's darker, almost echoing vocals pick up over raw guitar riffs and Intetsu's deep bass line. The usual optimism returns to his voice as the music leads in to the chorus, though the same quick, hard sounds dominate the track. Some whispered and growled vocals and a very metal guitar solo round out the final song on this release.

Whether you're looking for a sincerely sung ballad, a head banging rock song or a sugar-coated digital pop-rock dance number, Melt Away has it all. It's a delicious sampling of all of ayabie's distinct flavors, so eat up!
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