MUNEHIRO - again

review - 07.06.2008 22:00

Melancholic reggae versus party dancehall!

In mid-May, MUNEHIRO released her second single, again. It seems to have the same concept as her preceding single, LUV, has: one ballad-like love song coupled with an upbeat party track.

The cover of the single already gives a bit away of the title track, as it’s a close up of MUNEHIRO’s face and a teardrop shimmering on her cheek. And indeed, again is a moderately paced song with a sad, melancholic feeling. The lyrics, sung in a narrative way as though she were telling a story, are about a lost love and moving on after the relationship has ended. The song is unmistakably reggae, but somehow the emphasis is more on her voice rather than the reggae rhythm.

The title of BOOM BOOM DANCEHALL!! also leaves little to one’s imagination. Starting with MUNEHIRO yelling an introduction to the track, the song has a catchy, very groovy dancehall rhythm that makes it hard to keep still. It’s very powerful and stirring, and it must be great to see this song performed live!

Next to the two songs, the single also contains instrumental versions for each track.

All in all, again is a great single by MUNEHIRO. She shows with two very diverse tracks what she has in store, though the decision to put again, with its more mainstream sound, as the first track might fail to grab one’s attention; it might take a few times through before listeners will start to appreciate it. BOOM BOOM DANCEHALL!!, however, is a very strong party track that will grab one’s attention right away, and therefore it might have worked better to switch the two songs around.
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