machine - captain sonic tune

review - 13.06.2008 22:00

Kiyoshi and Hakuei crank out some sonic tunes with this debut album.

captain sonic tune is machine's first album and it was released in 1999. On the same day, the band also released two singles and a special box set, which included the album, the singles and a VHS.

The album starts with Sync machine, which could be described as an instrumental intro. The music has a bit of an ominous sound. Then douki follows. This track has an energetic rock intro. Halfway through the song there is a great guitar solo by Kiyoshi, which sounds more like sound effects than actual guitar playing.

Invader has an energetic drumbeat. During the chorus, Hakuei's vocals get distorted slightly, creating a nice atmosphere. This song also contains a guitar solo by Kiyoshi. The track that follows is, at seven minutes, the longest on the CD, and it's also not as energetic as the rest of the tracks. It ends with synthesizer sounds that create a futuristic feeling. The next song, Ready? Go!!, is another instrumental track, though some distorted shouts can be heard. The music stays mostly the same during the entire song, it only changes towards the end. hero follows, and it is one of the songs also released as a single the same day. It's one of the better tracks on the album, and Hakuei's voice suits this song.

Track seven is nice, but not really outstanding. Number eight, Third eye machine, is another voice-less track. The style is a bit different from the rest of the album and even has an Indian feel to it. Maybe it could be best described as an electro version of a Bollywood song.

call peace contains some good guitar parts, and during the chorus there is a nice mix of Hakuei's voice and Kiyoshi's guitar. This is definitely a nice track. It's followed by Symptom, which has the same ominous feeling as the first track because of the warning alarm sound that carries over into the next song.

The thirteenth song has a digital, techno-like intro, but it quickly turns into a rock song. The lyrics are completely in English, though you might not notice this at first because of Hakuei's pronunciation. He also seems to shorten the words. Out of all the songs on the album, machine's music seems to be most important, with the vocals coming second. We can see this by the number of instrumental tracks on the CD. But in 20th century, Hakuei gets a chance to show his vocal talent.

Gravity Attack is the other song that was released as a single too, and this is evident in the track, as the singles seem to be of slightly better quality. Officially, Gravity Attack is the last track on the CD, but the album also includes a bonus track: it's pretty short and instrumental.

machine's music is very energetic, with quick guitar riffs and pounding drums. Therefore, you shouldn't put this album on when you're trying to relax. But the ones who like rock music with a bit of an electronic sound will definitely appreciate machine's music. Some people might have to get used to Hakuei's voice though. captain sonic tune shows that both the band members are experienced and talented musicians.
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