Yayoi - Togirenai ai no message

review - 13.06.2008 22:00

Pop singer Yayoi's single Togirenai ai no message will pull you into another world.

Also known for being the sister of actress Koyuki, Yayoi made her singing debut in 2004. Though a young artist, her sound is developing, and she has been acclaimed for her clear voice and lyrics that resound in the listener's heart. Released in March, Togirenai ai no message is her long awaited first single with Avex, and it certainly doesn't disappoint.

The title track is a very lovely and moving pop ballad. Starting quietly with a poignant piano and soft guitar, the beat enters to additional melodies layered over the bass, vocals and wind instruments. A dramatic shower of twinkly chiming sounds announces the chorus, which has a melody that is nostalgic with sorrowful overtones. As it progresses, harp and bell notes can be heard along with the piano, resulting in a musically rich piece.

During both the verse and refrain, the low bass contrasts nicely with the high piano and seems to lend a sympathetic ear to the vocals, which are especially poignant in the high areas. The wind instrument bridge, complimented by the bass, heightens the emotion in the song. After the last chorus, a flurry of harp notes closes out the song and leaves only the soft piano and light guitar strumming.

With a prominent bass line and more synth, lovely days is a slow, seductive pop number and a little edgier than the first track. This track emphasizes style and atmosphere rather than powerful emotion, and the lyrics speak of enjoying life and moments of happiness. The chorus enters suddenly after a brief pause, its melody catchy and engaging. Like the previous track, the addition of twinkly sounds and harp play gives the song a sparkling atmosphere and draws the listener into a dream world. The song ends quickly after the final refrain with a short section that seems played by a music box.

Since the composition of each track have a lot going on, the inclusion of instrumental versions is a real treat. Overall, the charm of the single is the contrasting fabricated world created by glittering synths compared to Yayoi's very honest, direct voice, which has the impressive power to draw listeners into the emotions or attitude of the songs. It will be interesting to hear how this very talented artist's music will develop in the future.
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