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interview - 25.05.2009 10:01

The way spreads out

alice nine. released their album VANDALIZE (on sale in January), and started their domestic tour this past winter. The live house tour named #1 has come to an end; the hall tour #2 will start in July; and the final live #3 will be at Tokyo International Forum Hall-A on August 23rd. This time we asked them, after just finishing the first half of #1, about their response to the tour, and what members actually felt now as an interim report.

When this issue is published, the first half of this tour (UNTITLED VANDAL(ism) #1) will be finished, but now this interview is being held in the middle of #1…….. right?

Hiroto: We have 7 lives left...

Saga: We have completed 13 lives.

You finished the album VANDALIZE and started the tour, so you were pretty pumped up then, weren’t you?

Hiroto: We made set lists, did rehearsals, and I think we could imagine what lives we wanted to do at around our first stage.

Oh, that sounds good. I often hear the images that fans get from the album can cause a gap between the album and the real lives.

Saga: Actually, we imagined the set lists just after the recording. Precisely, this album was made being conscious of our lives, so we were able to imagine how things would be done. As we would do a live concert, we searched for the right songs to play at the right time to make them shine. And I think that this time, there were many songs that we could imagine being in the tour, so I think that it really helped us in our preparation.

Nao: I thought the members’ attitudes were different this time, better leave it unsaid about the set lists. I felt their spirits were different. Once the tour started, we tried to get something from each of our lives one by one…….I felt our band was able to grow. Even I felt a lot of different reactions. (laughs)

You said “even I." (smiles) That means you don’t feel so much of a reaction usually?

Nao: Um….. it’s not that I don’t feel, but this time it is different from usual.

You are like SAMURAI JAPAN! (Incidentally, this interview was held after Japan's team won two consecutive championships in WBC.)……but that has nothing to do with this interview. (laughs)

Shou: Ah, we watched it too. We saw it in a parking lot when we were going to our next gig.

Nao: I thought I was watching the real live broadcast on TV……but it was just a replay. (laughs) I think that Ichiro is great. He really knows how to get the job done.

Shou: Nao, were you like that, too?

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