LM.C - John

review - 17.06.2008 22:00

LM.C takes it up notch with this high energy single

Summer comes early with LM.C’s February release of their 7th single John. LM.C, a duo consisting of Maya and Aiji, is known for their genre-breaking rock infused songs. With this single, LM.C again delivers a totally new musical experience.

The opening is full of old school video game sound effects and is the perfect precursor to the overall fun feel of John. It creates an atmosphere reminiscent of old Nintendo games, then Aiji breaks in with a brightly toned guitar medley. Maya’s smooth, youthful voice carries well throughout the song, especially in the chorus were it harmonizes instead of competes with the guitar and drums. The high energy feel of the song makes it perfectly danceable.

It’s hard to believe this song was released in the wintertime as it is full of summer flavor, from the bright sunny guitar chords to the sparkling xylophone in the background. If you're looking for a song to beat the winter blues or a rainy day, this single will brighten up your day.

The second song, Tiny Circus, is still high energy and upbeat like John but takes it down a notch. With its marching band drum intro, it forms a totally different musical vibe.

Heavy on bass, full of rough guitar chords, containing a cleverly placed smooth piano bridge and a catchy chorus, Tiny Circus is just as enjoyable as the first track. The tracks complement each other like warm and cold, and they are a great way to show new listeners that the duo of LM.C are truly multi-faceted artists.
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