An Cafe performs in France, Nyappy Around the World

live report - 15.06.2008 22:00

A live report of An Cafe's first performance in France at the end of March during their Nyappy Around the World Tour.

Could we really say that An Cafe, the famous oshare kei band, were "awaited"? Certainly not; that is far too weak of a word seeing as the 900 available tickets sold out in just one week! This being said, it seems their first concert in France was going to be a success.

After a visit to Finland, Sweden and Germany, it was now France's turn to wait, all the while singing the chorus of Nyappy in the world: "Tiramisu, nyappy, poppo." In line, the fans hoped to catch a glimpse of the band members as they left their famous red bus. Two hours before the doors opened, these attempts were really starting to be felt: they pushed, they crushed, they caused injuries. The staff was forced to let the first few enter to avoid accidents. At 4pm, the doors were opened to the rest and everyone hurried to take their place. The time passed and, unfortunately, it was not much different. The instruments were still not tuned, the pit became aggressive and the fans were impatient. Then the band finally granted the fans' wish and the stage lights went on.

Teruki, the drummer, entered the stage first followed by Yu-ki, the keyboardist, wearing a crazy outfit. The mysterious kanon took his turn entering the stage, soon joined by takuya and finally Miku, who proudly held up the sign for Nyappy with his fingers.

The first notes of Maple Gunman, one of their bigger hits, resounded and the crowd expressed their joy, which surprised the band. The fans head banged and cried: "Shoot away" in rhythm. This was followed by another one of their hits, Wagamama koushikyoku, which was a great performance with a superb guitar solo done by takuya.

After having already played songs from their first albums, the band followed this with Baby King, a song from their newest album, Gokutama ROCK CAFE, which Miku joyfully pronounced: "baby kinguuuuuuuu" due to the Japanese phonetics. The song, accompanied by choreography, was good even if the guitar drowned out a little next to Teruki's percussion and Yu-ki's keyboard. It was a shame. After this song, Miku interacted with the audience in French. Even though it was quite basic, the crowd appreciated the gesture, especially when the small singer cried with all his heart: "Everyone... I love you!"

The band kept the pace with three songs from their new album: Koi no Dependence, which is the B-side to Ryuusei Rocket, Orange Dream, and last, but by no means least, NYAPPY in the world 3, during which Miku introduced the members with joy and good humour. The band then followed with Tekesuta kousen, one of their best songs which made the audience euphoric with its exciting and captivating rhythm. Following this were Koritsu Hospital and Snow scene. The latter was rather calm and touching due to its melancholy melody. A negative point was a few flat notes from takuya during Tekesuta kousen. At the end of the last song, Koritsu Hospital, the band presented themselves one by one and had taken the time to learn a few words in French. They then left the stage, under the protestations of the crowd who were asking for more, desperate not to be left unsatisfied.

The five members returned for an encore with Kakusei Heroism ~THE HERO WITHOUT A 'NAME'~, which the fans sang by heart with the vocalist, who was rather impressed. BondS ~kizuna~ was next; music was representative of the bonds the band had between themselves and their fans. Miku, faithful to the tradition, threw a red towel on top of his head, which delighted the Caffekkos (fans of An Cafe). The band closed the concert with the pleasant Smile ichiban ii onna, a song which completely reflected the spirit and good nature of the band. You couldn't help but dance and smile as long as the music was playing. This song beautifully closed the concert which had moved its audience and filled their hearts with happiness. An Cafe aren't just about music, they're about a state of mind: the Nyappy attitude. The songs connect together, filling the fans with happiness and joy.

Apparently delighted by their performance and their audience, the band took a souvenir photo and then shook hands with several fans. kanon, who had been fooling around, ended up falling into the crowd. Though, more afraid than hurt, he got back up onto the stage, aided by fans and staff and giving a smile to those who helped him.

With a nice set list and a cordial atmosphere, the five members of An Cafe knew how to take possession of the stage of La Locomotive and warmed the hearts of their fans. A band that knew how to win over their public with their friendly performance who we look forward to seeing again.

Set list:

01 - Maple Gunman
02 - Wagamama koushinkyoku
03 - Baby King
04 - Cherry saku yuuki!!
05 - Koi no Dependence
06 - Orange Dream
07 - -Etc. THE WORLD-
08 - NYAPPY in the world 3
09 - Tekesuta kousen
10 - Koritsu Hospital
11 - Snow Scene

12 - Kakusei Heroism ~THE HERO WITHOUT A 'NAME'~
13 – BondS ~kizuna~
14 - Smile ichiban ii onna
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An Cafe - Nyappy Around the World

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