Sel'm Performs at SHIBUYA O-WEST

live report - 18.06.2008 22:00

A live report from the new and very talented Sel'm's one-man live in late May at SHIBUYA O-WEST.

The venue opened at seven in the afternoon, and outside a small gathering of fans could already be seen. In the entrance there were flowers sent by the band Sugar. It was a darker audience than usual, devoid of girls dressed in Lolita outfits or with big ribbons.

As the concert started, MANJ", the drummer and band's leader, showed up first with a large banner. He was followed by Takuma, Tsubaki and lastly Tora, the vocalist, as usual wearing a glove on his left hand.

Their sound was melodic, surrounded by screams but at the same time very expressive and intense. In the second song, Road of judgment, the audience was constantly head banging, to the point that it seemed the girls would have serious neck problems if they continued on so harshly.

Before starting the third song, DEAD LOCK, MANJ" performed a brief drum solo that was followed by bass and guitar. Tora hid his face with his glove, and then gave a big smile that caused the audience to erupt into screams. This happened many times as the concert went on.

In Kumo nochi ame, the audience followed Tora's choreography of repeated movements and hand gestures, as well as clapping and head banging. When Whirl Pool started, Tora got close to the floor and started head banging and licked the microphone. The audience threw themselves in the direction of the stage, and the head banging continued for some minutes.

Oriental Lily, a calm and melodic tune, stood in stark contrast to all the other songs played until that point. In the background came a sound representing the wind, and for the lights, a kaleidoscope pattern overtook the venue. Finally the audience had stopped head banging. At the end of the song Tora continued on without the instruments. He kept singing without pause right into the next song, DEVASTION. He hit the microphone, showed his tongue to the audience, and spat out a load of water. It was a pity that the other members didn't get some time on their own, as it became hard to feel their presence.

For the first encore, Tsubaki started the acoustic guitar solo for the song Kage. Tora sang the smooth melody in the dark, with only a blue light at his back. The audience remained completely silent for the first time. In the song N∞℃, Tora danced in an unusual way, putting his finger in his mouth, which of course plunged the audience into delirium. Tora then continued his harsh movements on the stage, while the rest of the band played on with minimal unnecessary movement.

For the second encore, after many calls and shouts, the members returned to the stage wearing t-shirts with the band's name. They gave an MC for the first time, with Tora saying they'd been doing that tour since February, and that they could only get there because of the warm reception of the fans and everyone who was there to see them. He also said he had many difficult times and felt a lot of psychological pressure, and if it hadn't been for the members, staff and fans, it would not have been possible for him to see that beautiful view from the stage. He asked that everyone keep cheering for Sel'm and they gave everything to respond to that expectation. The audience was still clapping when they started the last song Roid.

At the end of the concert Tora thanked everyone again for the beautiful view the fans offered him. Tsubaki and Takuma threw their picks into the audience and MANJ" his sticks. After that, MANJ" went to the mic and thanked everyone for coming, asking them to keep supporting the band. He cried, a little shaken, and the concert concluded, the audience still calling the leader's name.

The concert had succeeded expectations in every way. Not only that, but their new album, brilliant force, had also gone above and beyond what people had hoped for, and you could feel that in the passion of the audience and also in Tora's powerful and confident voice. MANJ" is the one who produces most of the songs, and even if there's still room for improvement, it's incredible that such a young band can produce such great melodies and such a long and exciting concert. It will be extremely worthwhile to keep an eye on the future of this band.

Set list
01. Erase the cast
02. Road of judgment
03. Parasitic root
05. barefaced eye
06. Kumo nochi ame
07. Whirl Pool
08. Oriental lily
09. Tenohira no niji
10. Spiral world
11. Shingigan
12. Akatsuki
13. New song - untitled
14. Megalomania

01. Kage
02. Uruwashii sekai wa urei na tsumi
03. Kyoukasuigetsu
04. N∞℃

Encore 2:
01. Roid
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