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TV, radio, magazines and the internet - where to look for what you want.

It's hard to figure out which magazines you should be buying sometimes, or which shows you need to record. Here's an overview of some of the more major publications and shows out there, and what you can expect from them.

Arena37°C - monthly Japanese magazine that covers musical artists from all genres. A special edition that has a more in-depth feature about an artist, Arena37°C Special, also comes out each month.

Artist blog - many Jpop/Jrock artists maintain official online blogs. Popular blog sites include Ameba, Yaplog and Livedoor.

B=PASS - Japanese magazine that usually features Jpop artists.

barks - a music entertainment site which features interviews, CD reviews, sound clips, etc.

CD DATA - labeled as a Jpop magazine but also features Jrock artists, it offers an extensive review on releases in the world of Japanese music.

Cure - Japanese music magazine that features more unknown visual kei bands. Currently, their main articles also include English translations.

Duet - Japanese magazine packed with celebrity and fashion news. Artists who have found a place in the magazine include ARASHI, WaT and KinKi Kids.

FOOL’S MATE - Japanese music magazine that focuses on visual kei bands.

glare - Japanese music magazine that includes music scores of the featured artists.

Gothic Lolita Bible - Japanese magazine that features gothic clothing. Many Jrock artists have modeled for it.

HEY! HEY! HEY! MUSIC CHAMP - Japanese music variety show, features performances and artists playing games with the hosts.

jrock, ink. - book published in 2005 that features many Jrock artists, includes reviews, histories and discographies. In English.

JRock NL - a Dutch organization that promotes Japanese rock music in the Netherlands, organizes concerts and conventions.

JRock Revolution - online website and forum dedicated to bringing Jrock to America. Name taken from the name of a Jrock event put on by YOSHIKI in Los Angeles.

Kindai - Japanese idol magazine. Artists featured in the magazine include Morning Musume, KAT-TUN and HINOI Team.

Kouhaku Uta Gassen - music show produced by NHK, shown every New Year’s Eve. The show invites artists and places them into competing teams of red and white, with red consisting of women performers and white consisting of men.

Music Fighter - Japanese TV show that features performances of various music acts.

Music Station - weekly Japanese music show that features live performances.

MusiQ? - Japanese music magazine that comes with a DVD of the featured artists. DVD generally includes Q&A with the artists and clips from their photoshoots.

Myojo - Japanese teen idol magazine that focuses on male singers.

Neo genesis - Japanese music magazine that features high quality photographs, in-depth interviews and short profiles on each band featured.

PatiPati - Japanese magazine that usually features Jpop artists.

Popteen - Japanese fashion magazine, released monthly. Popular artists who have been on the cover include Hamasaki Ayumi, Namie Amuro and Koda Kumi.

Potato - Japanese magazine that is centered around notable popular acts, e.g. Johnny’s Entertainment. Artists featured in the magazine include KAT-TUN, Doumoto Kouichi and SMAP.

purple SKY - Jrock magazine in English, no longer in publication.

Rock Identity - a.k.a. R:ID, concert agency based in Germany that books Jrock acts in Europe.

rockin’on JAPAN - Japanese music magazine, released monthly. Features both alternative rock and pop artists, including BUCK-TICK, YOSHIKI (X JAPAN), CHARA and Dragon Ash.

SHOXX - monthly Japanese magazine that features visual kei artists.

Utaban - Japanese music variety show.

UV (ultra veat) - Japanese magazine published by Sony Magazine Annex. Includes in-depth interviews, "ALL RIGHT NOW" section, which features select artists "private" columns, CD reviews, concert schedules and more.

V!NYL SYNDICATE - free publication from SEX POT REVENGE. Includes artist interviews, guideline prices for featured items of clothing, movie and music news, plus live reports.

WHAT’s IN? - Japanese magazine recognized as one of the most significant Jpop mediums. Packed with artist interviews, upcoming releases and live reports, the magazine is the authority of pop. Artists featured in the magazine include DJ OZMA, Rie fu, SOULHEAD and D-51.

Wink up - Japanese magazine that features Johnny’s artists.

Zipper - Japanese fashion magazine known for featuring some of the hottest artists of the moment on their covers, including Anna Tsuchiya, Kimura Kaela and Koda Kumi.

Zy/Starchild - Japanese company active in the visual kei music scene, produces the magazine Zy [zi:] Stylish & Community Rock Magazine and hosts concerts.

ZY [zi:] - Japanese music magazine with in-depth interviews, select artists "private" columns, CD reviews, live schedules, A2 sized color poster and CD-EXTRA.


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