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interview - 02.07.2009 10:01

Breaker of idols

Nightmare will release their new album majestical parade on May 13th. The band has worked hard, challenging themselves creating a very dense album. We asked the members to explain the songs, except those released as singles (NAKED LOVE, Lost in Blue), and to talk about any changes or growth they experienced through this album. If you look at the photograph page, we have put monologues from each of the members as keywords for majestic parade. We hope you enjoy them both.

Parade - Lyrics: Ruka/ Composition: Sakito

Why did you leave Ruka to write the lyrics?

Sakito: The person who brought the album title in was Ruka, and this song came into my mind at that moment, so I thought it would be better for Ruka to write the lyrics.

The rhythm is like a march, but it’s also like a circus, isn’t it?

Sakito: Yes, we used accordion sounds.

Ruka: The first song on Ultimate Circus was also like a parade, wasn’t it?

Was it promenade?

Ruka: Yes. I feel like I was finally able to do what I haven’t been able to up until now.

Hitsugi: It may be because of that, but I thought it would be more retro at first. However, once we finished it had a powerful feeling about it.

Ni~ya: I thought it was so cool since it was not only march, but had a loud taste, and I like playing the rhythm. It feels good.

Yomi: I was told by Ruka to “Sing like your giving a speech.” So that's what I did.

Can you do it? - Lyrics and Composition: Sakito

When I listened to the beginning, I thought “What a fresh song!?” but after the band’s sound is added, the gap is awesome.

Hitsugi: That quiet part was more rhythmic in the demo tape, but when we did rehearsal, Ruka started saying he wanted a bigger gap.

Ruka: I had an image that the beginning was broad but it became very narrow in the part with the guitar riff. However, I had been worrying about it being in the album as I was wondering if my right foot could keep up with the beat.

Ni~ya: It was quite tough for me too. It’s down tuning, so unless I play firmly, I can’t make a good sound. But the guitar riff in the intro had a big impact for me, so I wanted to play it since I heard it on the demo tape.

The lyrics are so easy to understand and positive, it's unusual for Sakito

Sakito: Recently I have started to think that simple plain words are not so bad.

Yomi: Straight words are better for me as I can put my emotions into them.

Who are you speaking to when you say “Can you do it?”

Sakito: When I see NEET, I get really irritated. (NEET= Not in Employment, Education or Training)

So you are speaking to NEET?

Sakito: Not really, but I’m irritated because I also am kind of like them. Maybe if I could live without thinking about things, I would be like that. I think I wrote it for myself in a way…

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