Zy 46: Tatsuro (MUCC)

interview - 12.07.2009 10:01

Honzen de susumu, michi

It has been two years and nine months since MUCC's first live at the Budokan. In this second live, with songs mainly from their new album Kyuutai, we could really feel the changes the band has gone through since their time spent overseas in 2008. Tatsuro too perhaps could feel something different, standing on the stage telling the audience “We could stand here the second time, so we’ll work hard to be able to stand here a third, fourth, fifth……a hundred times, two hundred times.” In this interview we decided to talk to Tatsuro and find out what lies before him.

The second Budokan live had totally different air from the first live, which I suppose is to be expected…

Tatsuro: I wasn’t so tense this time.

Weren’t you nervous at the beginning?

Tatsuro: No. I think that last time there were many songs I was singing for the first time, so they hadn’t soaked into my body yet, so they came across as kind of hard and rigid. That’s why I seemed tense.

About the set list, in the first Budokan live you played a variety of songs showing off the history of MUCC, but this time, in the second live, it was like the first day of the Kyuutai tour.

Tatsuro: Yes.

I think there was one song that I really wanted to hear, and that was Hide and Seek.

Tatsuro: I prefer to play that in a live house. There are many songs that I change when I actually play them. I thought Houkou would be great if we were to play in a live house, and Oz. That song would change a lot. It would be cool since we could really fool around.

How about Sanbika?

Tatsuro: I think that song is more like the tension I feel in Kugatsu mikka no kokuin and Danzetsu. I can really feel the main stream of MUCC, I can feel a newness and something familiar about it at the same time.

Miya's attitude was the same toward Sanbika, Kugatsu mikka no kokuin and Danzetsu, even though his thoughts that were put into the songs were totally different.

Tatsuro: Yes. Sanbika is very MUCC-like, but our previous releases were full of violent emotions. I think that in Sanbika I was able to put in rising emotions with the chorus and other sounds, so I think it has a nice variety and that's good. But, I like the Budokan. I don’t really have an eagerness to play in an even bigger place like Tokyo Dome, but I want to play in the Budokan more and more.

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