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interview - 24.07.2008 22:00

The Anabasis ~embark on a new chapter~

Finally, the whole story about D's major debut has been revealed. BIRTH, which was released on May 7th, is the result of all their hard work since the band's conception five years ago. Choosing a song for their major debut was a tough choice, so this song is clearly something special for them. We can sense the new opportunities for D. This special article includes many discussions about the band.

You finally finished your major debut single, BIRTH!

Asagi: Yeah, we finished it!

How do you feel? You worked with sound producer Hajime Okano, and produced in a different environment from before.

Asagi: Well, our environment became better in various ways, I think. Because of that I think that we are getting a good response to our work. A staff member found me a microphone that suited me and the work I do too, so it was the first time for me to try something out like that. It was a good opportunity.

Ruiza: With the recording studio, we used a larger studio than before. We used a technique where you put an amp into different booths and then play at the same time. So we could record our work in a few takes and the atmosphere as a whole was much better.

Hiroki: Of course, we have been able to express the world of D until now too, but as our environment around us has became better, we learned more sophisticated ways of expressing ourselves. I think that we have grown up and moved forward.

So the better environment has given you a bit more strength to try new things, right?

Hiroki: Yes. We were able to make songs which really showed off how we, as a band, have improved. I think that we can survive playing on a major label.

Tsunehito: Of course, we thought, "We've got to do our best" whenever we recorded. But this time we were high spirited as it was our first release since going major. I really think that it is a good song.

HIDE-ZOU: We changed how we went about our recording and had a lot of new experiences. We did the recording and went on our last indies tour at the same time so we were very busy, but we enjoyed it so much and had a good time. So I'm very happy that it came out the way it did. And there are letters which we have never before seen on the CD package.

What's that?

HIDE-ZOU: It says, "Major debut single."

A debut happens just once, and never happens again. (laugh)

Asagi: When I saw the letters, I was very happy to realize that it was our debut again. (laugh)

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