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interview - 05.08.2009 10:01

Ruin for Resurrection
‐The return from darkness‐

Two years after the release of STACKED RUBBISH, the new work of the GazettE (which has been attracting a lot of attention from rock fans) has finally been completed. The title is DIM (on sale July 15th) and it suits the band as they continue to express the darker part of the human spirit through their music. In this interview, I could tell that they had a very tight schedule as they were still in the mixing stage of their music. Even so, I could still feel the power and heaviness that is so characteristic of the GazettE. This time, they appeared on the front cover of our magazine after a one year interval, and we took this chance to ask them about their new album.

Even though producing process has had a few delays, I heard the title of DIM was determined quite a while back.

Ruki: When we make an album, we usually think about what color we want to make the work. Then I thought it would be good to have a dark image, but I didn’t think much of the title "DARK"……and it wasn’t really "BLACK." I had a vague image of "dim," so I used it. "DIM."

I see. I haven’t yet heard the polished version yet, but listening to what I have heard I got the impression that the album was quite heavy. And I think it had quite a few songs that really make you actually listen.

Ruki: Well, we made the title after we made songs.

So, you just happened to make songs like that, or were you in the mood to make darker songs?

Ruki: Um, no, I don’t think so. I just wanted to do songs like that. So it was not like I tried to do it on purpose, I just wanted to do heavy songs like that.

Yeah, they are heavy. But I thought melodies really stood out.

Ruki: Yes. I tried to do that. But it doesn’t mean that I tired to do songs that we push powerfully, but I just wanted to make songs that I had never made up until then.

Uruha: This time, we didn’t say like “We want hard songs" or “We want quiet songs” ……we often hear about “the world view of the GazettE,” but I wondered what our world view really is.

Oh, no. You have a quite deep world view!

Uruha: If so, we weren’t really conscious of making one, which I think is our strong point. I think that being conscious of our so-called world view when we make songs may help us show even greater things to our fans. As we hadn’t really been conscious of that up until now, it was a little more difficult this time to make our music.

With your world view, you have an image of painful, gaudy, and darkness.

Uruha: If fans listen to what we make with a consciousness of this world view, they may say it’s wrong! (smile)

Aoi: If you thought it had many quiet songs, perhaps it’s because I was in a soft mood when I made them?... I am different from the other band members. (laugh)

Here we go. (laugh)

Aoi: Well, I’m the only one who has an image of white in the GazettE. (laugh)

Reita: But, I think you are darkest!? (laugh)

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