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interview - 30.08.2009 00:00

Glad summer

Among the many fifth anniversary projects which have provided various fun times for Cafekko since last year, LIVE CAFE 5th Anniversary Year Grand Finale "Finale of NYAPPY~Kawaiiyu’s ЯocК de goo go goo!! o(≧∀≦)o~" in Tokyo Big Site on May 17th brought an interesting year to an end. This show, which was held in the biggest venue that An Cafe has ever played in, was cram packed full of entertainment created especially for this finale. The band is gaining tremendous momentum, with a concert planned in the famous Budokan on January 4th, 2010 (a first for the band) and a single Natsu koi★natsu GAME!! also to be released.

The live in Tokyo Big Site was full of entertainment, it really concluded your fifth anniversary year very well!

Teruki: For me, the venue was a little too big… It was hard to relax.

Were you pretty tensed up throughout the live?

Teruki: Yes, and it was a first for me. Usually I can relax at around the end of the live, but this time, I was pretty tense right up until the end.

Kanon: Me too, so I felt it difficult to really get to that boiling point...

So you mean that you were calm?

Kanon: No, more nervous, I think. But I think I noticed different things I might not have before.

Yu-ki: I’m the same as Teruki. I can usually relax during lives, but I didn’t relax until the end and was tensed up the whole time. However, I played thinking “I’ll entertain the audience.” So it was fun. And when I went out on the runways, I was surprised to find that there were more audience in the back, more than I could see from the stage. (laugh)

There were so many people. How about you guys? takuya? Miku?

takuya: At the beginning, I think we felt swallowed up by the atmosphere of the venue, but dancing and everything made the live run higher, especially in the middle of the live, so I could relax and enjoy it more.

Miku: I felt more pressure than ever before, so I was really nervous. Since it was the last event of our fifth anniversary year I felt like we had to succeed. Previously, I tried to be aggressive in lives and show my fighting spirit, but this time I tried to do the live looking at everyone’s faces and express my gratitude.

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